Tesla cars can now detect potholes and adjust suspension levels accordingly

Tesla cars with the Adaptive Suspension system will be able to better handle rough roads with automatic suspension adjustment depending on the road, if data on its condition is available.

Your Tesla’s underbody will say thank you to the car’s latest software update. This year, the automaker is fulfilling a promise made two years ago by its CEO, Elon Musk, during a Twitter exchange about Autopilot.

Thus, Tesla offers a new function for its adaptive suspension system (Tesla Adaptive Suspension). In the patch notes, it states that the adaptive suspension will now adjust the height of the vehicle when it has to go through a rough section of road. This adjustment may occur at different locations, subject to availability. This is because the car downloads rough road map data that was generated by Tesla vehicles. The function will have to be activated by the user in the car settings.

This implies that the manufacturer’s vehicles will have to travel the roads and assess their conditions. Additionally, the adaptive suspension is only available in the latest Model S and Model X, sales of which were suspended in Europe late last year due to production difficulties.

However, this new function will make it possible in the future to continue to benefit from the driving assistance, even in the case of rough roads where the car may have to drive too fast or brake suddenly when it is in automatic mode. It is also a new step in Tesla’s thwarted ambition to one day offer fully autonomous driving with its Full Self-Driving.

Finally, the software update also brings a function, which emits an audible signal when the traffic light you are waiting for turns green. However, you must have version 3.0 of the vehicle’s on-board computer to benefit from it. The patch note insists that this is only an indication and that it is up to the driver to be responsible and act accordingly.

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