Tesla delays deliveries, what’s going on?

This is new bad news that Tesla would have done well without. According Electrek, the manufacturer’s customers report delivery delays on the Model Y they have ordered. The problem concerns the Gigafactory in Berlin, which would itself be impacted by delays to the Gigafactory in Shanghai.

Tesla is currently going through a very bad patch

In concrete terms, our colleagues were able to collect customer testimonials and consulted certain forums dedicated to Tesla. The problem would come from the training units produced in China and which do not arrive in sufficient numbers to keep pace in Germany. Elon Musk’s company would eventually like to manufacture everything from Berlin, but it is currently dependent on the Shanghai factory.

In detail, buyers therefore report that their delivery date has been pushed back to a little later in the year. It is also still too early to know if the problem is global for the whole factory or only concerns Model Y. Anyway, this is a new bad signal in a very delicate context for Tesla .

We were talking to you this Tuesday about this interview given by Elon Musk where he sounds the alarm. About his German factory, he specifies: Berlin is in a slightly better situation because this factory started production with models carrying the 2170 batteries and was not concerned by the risk of structural impact posed by the arrival of the 4680 batteries “.

But in general, he willingly admits: Yet, both in Berlin and Austin, factories are gigantic money incinerators right now. We would prefer a giant roar, which would be proof that the money is flowing. Berlin and Austin are losing billions of dollars right now because there are tons of expenses for hardly any return “.

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