Tesla delivers its first electric truck, Renault has a new industrial director… Five pictures of the week

A robot inspired by Breton legends for “social logistics”

Developed by Enchanted Tools, the Miroki robot doesn’t just move objects. With this robot, the Parisian start-up assumes not to limit itself to the functional, but also to include a part of “artistic creation”, because the robot is part of a wide folklore inspired by Breton legends. Miroki moves thanks to a ball directed thanks to three holonomic wheels can carry up to three kilos and has eight hours of autonomy. The intended use of the robot is “social logistics”, which includes moving small objects on e.g. hospitals.

New industrial director for Renault

Thierry Charvet has been appointed Industrial and Quality Director of the French automotive group, taking office on January 15, 2023. He will also join the company’s Board of Directors and will report to Luca de Meo, CEO. Thierry Charvet is a polytechnic graduate and has spent his entire career at Renault, notably participating in the launch of the new Clio in 2005 and leading the M├ęgane project for two years.

Successful trial of a hydrogen aircraft engine by EasyJet and Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce and EasyJet announced on Monday (28 November) that they have successfully completed a ground test of a hydrogen-powered aircraft engine at the Royal Air Force’s Boscombe Down test center in the UK. The equipment used for the tests is a Rolls-Royce regional jet engine modified to adapt it to the more difficult-to-control behavior of hydrogen. The partnership, launched in July 2022, includes a series of additional ground bench tests of a Rolls-Royce jet engine, the Pearl 15. For its part, Airbus this week showed the prototype of a battery-powered engine.

Alstom drove an autonomous locomotive

In a press release published on 29 November, Alstom announced that it had run a fully automatic shunting locomotive near Breda in the Netherlands. In this operation, “starting, running and stopping are fully automated and the handling of obstacles or unforeseen events is done without direct intervention of train staff during shunting activities”. To achieve this feat, the company used an intelligent obstacle detection system that proved effective at 500 meters.

Tesla electric trucks for Pepsi

Unveiled in 2017, Tesla’s electric Semi truck can travel up to 800 kilometers non-stop, a range greater than that of its competitors. Elon Musk assures that only 30 minutes will be needed to fill up to 70%, thanks to a network of supercharged charging areas. According to calculations by National Grid Plc, the leader of the British transport network, each of these could consume the equivalent of a small American city in 2035… The first copies of the truck have been delivered to the giant by the agro-food company Pepsico on December 1st.

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