Tesla doesn’t even offer its miniature key fob on the Model S and Model X anymore

One of the most popular gadgets for Tesla users, offered before, becomes paid. If you want to open your Model S with a key fob in the shape of a miniature Tesla, you will have to pay (expensive).

It was one of the most anecdotal options, but also the most emblematic of the Tesla Model S and Model X. When purchasing the large sedan or SUV, the future owner received a very special gift: a Tesla-shaped key that acted as a key. Indeed, traditionally, the Californian manufacturer provides two cards that allow access to vehicles and to start it. But for buyers of these two most expensive models, one of the two cards automatically turned into a gimmick. This gesture of welcome no longer applies, since what used to be a gift has become an option. A service billed… 175 dollars.

Junk economy or supply problem? Tesla did not comment on this reversal. But it appears that the manufacturer is not at its first change of doctrine on the keys. Indeed, the first owners of the Model 3 in the United States had the chance to receive a key in the shape of a miniature car until 2019. But since then, Tesla has reserved this welcome gift only for buyers of its two most popular vehicles. premium. This one was particularly well done and did not only allow to activate the centralized opening. Depending on the areas on which its owner pressed, he could simply open the front, rear trunk or completely lock the Tesla.

Will we see a Tesla Model X in Europe again?

This decision would have been implemented on July 1 and concerns all vehicles sold worldwide. Although this is only an anecdotal option, the fact remains that it is more bad news for future buyers of Model S and Model X. This is even more the case for those of them located in Europe. Indeed, since the update of the two models at the end of last year (and the arrival of the Yoke steering wheels) these are no longer delivered on the Old Continent. A few weeks ago, Tesla took the trouble to indicate an estimated delivery date on its site, but this information has since disappeared.

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