Tesla has always offered this option, but it will soon no longer be the case.

Tesla decided to charge its users (after a while) for its once free connectivity option.

Tesla keeps raising its prices. While demand for Model 3s and Model Ss is still going strong, prices for these electric cars have risen significantly over the past 12 months. Today it takes almost 55,000 euros for the cheapest version of the Model 3. A car that could be negotiated at 36,000 euros a few months ago (the 6,000 euros of ecological bonus included).

But at Tesla, the hour of prosperity seems to have come to an end, and austerity reigns today. After removing the gift keychains bearing the image of the Tesla Model S for new buyers, it is the turn of the standard connectivity to become payable. In a newsletter, the Austin-based car brand explains that this option, offered to all buyers until now, will become payable after eight years of use.

Tesla closes its OS a little more

If this time is long enough and allows Tesla users and buyers to see things coming, this symbolically shows where the manufacturer’s new priorities are. While the latter should, for the first time in its history, pass the bar of one million copies sold in a calendar year, Tesla is trying to make its cars as profitable as possible.

In addition to the purchase price, it is therefore the options, which like BMW, will become payable, one after the other. As for standard connectivity, which is currently at the heart of the news, this concerns really basic functionalities such as navigation or even music and multimedia content accessible via Bluetooth.

If this really basic option was offered until now, this was not the case for the “premium” version which, for its part, has always needed a subscription to be unlocked. While Elon Musk’s project is to make Tesla “more efficient OS than cars” and that the operating system present in the Model 3 and Model S is very closed, it is difficult to see how users could do without “standard” connectivity.

Tesla plays it BMW and multiplies the options

In a car as technologically advanced as a Tesla, it would be an absolute shame not to even be able to connect your phone to the on-board computer or enjoy classic solutions like navigation and music on a screen as large and powerful as an iPad.

Also watch out for Tesla (and other car manufacturers) who are multiplying subscription offers on their cars. Recently it was BMW that drew the wrath of its users by paying for the use of heated seats. A small option at a few euros per month, of course, but which made the United Kingdom cringe, the first country to see the application.

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