Tesla has closed its Parly 2 store

Edition of 05/07/2022

Valérie Bouillon-Delporte (Michelin): How hydrogen is needed in transport

Still marginal in transport, hydrogen is now at the top of the list and not only for automotive subjects. Director of the Michelin hydrogen ecosystem, Valérie Bouillon-Delporte, who has been on this subject for 10 years, deciphers for Autoactu.com the different stages of this development and the acceleration of recent years.


Christophe Prévost, DCF Peugeot: “Almost zero natural traffic during the June OPOs”

Peugeot held up well in June, even increasing its deliveries to individuals by 5.6%, despite production stoppages in several factories. Its portfolio to be delivered remains significant even if the level of order intake has “slightly” settled this semester compared to last year.


Atos shareholders demand the departure of the chairman

(Reuters) – Several Atos shareholders have written to the group’s board of directors demanding the departure of chairman Bertrand Meunier, Le Monde reported on Monday.


Iran, Russia and Turkey want to build car model together (Irna)

(AFP) – Industry officials from Iran, Turkey and Russia have expressed their willingness to jointly design and produce cars, the head of Iran’s Association of Auto Parts Manufacturers has announced.

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A look in the rear view mirror on fifty years of road safety

(AFP) – In fifty years of regulations, prevention and protest campaigns, road safety has seen the number of deaths on the roads of France divided by six but does not relax its efforts in the face of new causes of accidents.

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Thomas Schäfer appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seat

Thomas Schäfer succeeds Thomas Schmall as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seat from July 8, 2022.


Two new directors on the Seat executive committee

Seat announces the appointment of two new directors to its executive committee: Laura Carnicero is appointed director of human resources and organization as of September 1, 2022, succeeding Xavier Ros and Markus Haupt becomes director of production and logistics, succeeding Herbert Steiner.


Ludovic Ade becomes operational director of Unicap

Ludovic Ade has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Operations at Unicap, the Peugeot network’s central purchasing office.


Ghosn case: two French magistrates in Tokyo for questioning

(AFP) – New stage in the investigation targeting Carlos Ghosn in Nanterre: two magistrates and a French investigator arrived in Tokyo on Saturday to carry out interrogations about the financial flows which would have been ordered by the former boss of Renault-Nissan in detriment of Renault.

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Stellantis production risks being cut by 220,000 units in Italy, announces the FIM CISL union

(Reuters) – A global shortage of semiconductors could cut Stellantis’ production in Italy by 220,000 vehicles this year, the FIM CISL union said, noting that 2022 would be the fifth consecutive year of falling volumes on the peninsula.


Fonderie de Bretagne: Renault chooses the German fund Callista as buyer

(AFP) – The Renault group on Monday chose the German investment fund Callista Private Equity to take over La Fonderie de Bretagne de Caudan (Morbihan), which employs 285 employees on permanent contracts, without layoffs, he announced. in a press release.

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New postponement for the Crit’Air 3 in the ZFE Paris and Grand-Paris, an impossible verbalization

The difficulty of setting up an automatic verbalization system in the ZFE Paris/Grand Paris led the Métropole to vote during its council meeting on Friday July 1st a new postponement by 6 months of the ban on Crit’air 3. New date : July 1, 2023, i.e. 6 months before the Crit’air 2…


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Ludovic Ade becomes operational director of Unicap

Ludovic Ade has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Operations at Unicap, the Peugeot network’s central purchasing office.


Renault’s last major Parisian dealership has closed

This is the end of Garages Nation, rue de Picpus in the 12th. The last major Renault dealership in Paris closed its doors last Thursday. The vast premises will be transformed into housing, as planned, but the redeployment of Renault activity on two other nearby sites will not take place, said Benoît Mercat, president of the Nation group.


The Riester group takes over the Citroën dealership in Coulommiers

Already representing Peugeot in Coulommiers (77), the Riester group is taking over the city’s Citroën dealership today.


Aramis Auto will aim for two billion euros in turnover in 2023

Aramis Auto is expanding into a fifth European country, by taking over the Austrian operator Onlinecars, which generated 200 million euros in turnover last year. It now expects a turnover of two billion euros in 2023.


The Hess group will take over three Volvo-Hyundai sites

The Hess group is preparing to take over the dealerships of the Delhorbe group representing Volvo and Hyundai in Reims, Epernay and Châlons-en-Champagne.


Who is Fixter, the start-up just acquired by Renault?

With 400 partner garages in the United Kingdom which generated a turnover of 3 million pounds in 2021 through it, Fixter arrives in France, as a new subsidiary of Renault. But who is the one who defines himself as “the A to Z car maintenance platform”?


Point S launches into the sale of used cars, in partnership with Starterre

After glazing and micromobility, the Point S maintenance network materializes another axis of diversification: the sale of 0 km and second-hand vehicles, relying on sourcing and the web platform of the wholesaler Starterre.


The Legrand group creates its management team

The Legrand group has two executive committees, one for its auto business, under the operational management of Franck Prunotto, the other for motorcycles, under the commercial management of David Pemartin, all of which are placed under the general management , by Eric Legrand.


Electric Méhari replicas at Citroën Berrezai

The Citroën dealerships in Dinan, Saint-Malo, Granville and Bayeux now market electric quadricycles that look just like Méharis. And in 2023, they will offer 2CV replicas, still electric.


Ex-Stellantis, Matthieu Heinry appointed Peugeot By Trujas dealership manager

Previously responsible for European operations within the used vehicle business unit of Stellantis, Matthieu Heinry joined the Carwest group as director of the Peugeot dealerships in Trappes and Coignières.


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