Tesla: here is the range extender solar trailer

On the occasion of the IdeenExpo 2022 show, which is being held in Hanover, Germany, from July 2 to July 10, a strange trailer caused a sensation. Indeed, Tesla presented a solar-type trailer as a range extender for electric cars.

In recent years, car manufacturers have been investing heavily to develop long-range electric cars. As such, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept car has just completed a 1,202 km road trip on a single charge. Regarding the charging of the battery of an electric car, and a plug-in hybrid vehicle, we must also take into account the different networks of charging stations on our roads. In France, we clearly need to improve on this last point. So the Tesla trailer with solar panels could, as surprising as it is, represent the solution to drive further, without going through a charging station. Note that in the United States, some Tesla users have been surprised with a charged generator in the trunk of their electric car.

From a technical point of view, according to the information provided by the Electrek, the Tesla trailer would be fitted with 300 W panels. In total, the device could supply a power of 900 W (panels folded) and 2,700 W, once the photovoltaic panels are deployed, when stationary of course. In the latter case, this would save around 80 km in terms of autonomy, to be used, for example, on a Tesla Model 3 (pictured below during our test).

This Tesla trailer presented as a range extender would also offer the possibility of connecting to the internet via the Starlink access provider created by SpaceX and which uses satellites. The Tesla trailer with solar panels would therefore allow motorhome users, or other adventurers, the possibility of connecting to the web from anywhere in the world, which represents a guarantee of security in the event of a problem. .


Photos: Twitter account Tesla_Adri and LesVoitures.com

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