Tesla Might Pause Orders of Some Models: Here’s Why

Overwhelmed with orders, Tesla should stop taking some for certain models and versions, while delivery times already exceed a year.

The Tesla Model S and Model X in 2022 version // Source: Tesla

While the European Union is even a merciless hunt for CO2 and thermal cars, the success of electric models is logically growing. This is all the more the case as the offer has greatly expanded, as has the network of charging stations, whether in Europe or the United States. In this context, it is not surprising that electric vehicles are attracting more and more customers.

To the point that the delays are getting longer, sometimes exceeding more than a year. A situation made even more difficult by the shortage of semiconductors, as well as by the war in Ukraine, which is causing supply problems, especially for European manufacturers. Some, like Volkswagen, were then forced to stop taking orders until next year.

Extended deadlines

If the situation is not quite the same across the Atlantic, Tesla is not spared from the difficulties. During the Future of the Car conference, broadcast live on YouTube, the boss of the brand, Elon Musk, indeed spoke on this subject. He points out that his company is finding it increasingly difficult to meet the growing demand for his models.

The businessman explains that “the time to order a Tesla is ridiculously long“. However, he would like to point out thatour problem is not demand, but production. Even before these supply chain issues, Tesla’s demand exceeded production. Now demand exceeds production to a ridiculous degree“. It sometimes takes more than a year to receive your car.

Paused orders

If this delay depends on the model, some customers, especially Americans, will indeed have to wait until next year to receive their Model X or Model Y. Based on this observation, Elon Musk has therefore announced that the taking of orders for certain vehicles could therefore be put on hold, so as not to lengthen the wait unduly.

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