Tesla stops production of its vehicles to succeed in increasing the pace

In Berlin and Shanghai, production of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will be paused for several weeks to update assembly lines to increase efficiency.

Photo of the Berlin Gigafactory // Source: Tesla

Tesla’s last quarter was mixed: the American manufacturer broke its delivery record for the month of June 2022, but failed to have growth in the quarter compared to the previous one. Indeed, against a backdrop of a pandemic and supply difficulties, the American manufacturer was unable to exceed the expectations of certain analysts. This could explain the reasons for the changes to come in the factories in China and Germany.

Berlin at a standstill to increase the pace

July 2022 is going to be important for Tesla, which announced that June was the most productive month in its history, following the full-speed recovery of its Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. If Elon Musk recently declared that his factories in Berlin and Austin were sources of colossal financial losses due to the low production which emanated from them, this should finally return to order, at least for the German factory.

First, the Gigafactory in Berlin, which currently only produces Tesla Model Y Performance, will be shut down from July 11 for about two weeks to update the production lines. This maintenance would allow Tesla to increase its production capacity, which is currently only 1,000 vehicles per week against 10,000 according to Elon Musk’s plans. The operation would allow each vehicle to spend 30 seconds on each stage instead of the current 3 minutes.

Shanghai also at a standstill for the Model Y and Model 3

On the Shanghai side, the production stoppage is planned from July 18, and for a period of 20 days and concerns the Model 3 and the Model Y.

Following this, production should resume with a rate never reached until now, and it will then be interesting to examine the production figures of the third quarter of 2022, which should undoubtedly exceed all previous quarters.

What to hope for shorter delivery times?

It is important to note that until now, the Gigafactory in Berlin only produced black or white Tesla Model Y Performance models, with a black interior. Tesla’s announced order deadlines indicate that the first models with the white interior are expected for the very beginning of 2023, as are the bodies painted in red, blue or gray.

It is likely that the updates to the production lines in Berlin will be there to allow testing of different configurations to those currently produced to begin. We will probably know more in the coming weeks.

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