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What is Investing.com?

Investing.com is a platform forInformation and D’news on the financial markets, which provide real time dataof quotesof graphicsof financial tools and analyzes on more than 250 markets.

This site was created in 2007has more than 250 employees and the main offices are located at Tel Aviv, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, mumbai, Seoul And Shenzhen.

Investing.com is over 20 million users every month and is part of 3 main locations economy in the world.

Investing.com has you covered sotck exchangeTHAT raw materialTHAT cryptocurrenciesTHAT trackTHAT currenciesTHAT AND FTHAT futureTHAT opportunities as well as obligations. This variety of products has made Investing.com very popular for many years.

What is investment for?

Investing is very useful for traders and investors around the world and allows you to:

  • Consult witheconomic news daily
  • Consult withthe development of world markets (stock market, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, currencies, etc.)
  • Configure alarms in real time
  • Create some custom wallets
  • Consult calendars of economic events the most important
  • examination analyses
  • Make in-depth technical analyses
  • Investing.com pro

See daily economic news

On Investing.com it is possible to consult economic news the most important in the world in real time. News is published quicklyis reliable and concern:

  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • The actions
  • Raw material
  • The economy in general

In the news category, it is possible to find news from several media such as e.g Investing.com, Corner newspaper, CryptoNews, Reuters, Challenges..

See the development on world markets

From Investing.com it is possible to consultmarket development in real time. For each market we find information such as:

  • THAT name off the market
  • Her Route present
  • Her highest price of today
  • Her lowest price of today
  • That Vprice variation in %

Investing.com shows the real-time performance of:

  • Of track global
  • Of actions of the whole world
  • Of materials raw
  • Of cryptocurrencies
  • Of AND F

This diversity is an asset and makes it possible to use only one site to follow all the world markets.

Configure real-time alerts

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can configure price alerts very easy on Investment.

To do this, simply go to the asset that interests you, such as a share for example, click on Bell and off configure the alarm as you see fit.

With the warning below, I will be notified by one pop upby notification on my phone and by e-mail when the CAC 40 price goes above 7,224.5 points.

create an investment alert

On Investering you can configure as many alerts as you want and on any market and asset.

Create custom portfolios

If you are used to following the development of the price of many assets such as indices, stocks or cryptocurrencies, this feature should please you.

At Investering you have the opportunity to create custom wallets and easily follow the progress of your favorite assets.

A personal portfolio can consist oftrackof cryptocurrenciesofAND F and off raw material E.g. This feature is widely used by long-term investors and traders who follow multiple markets at the same time.

See calendars with the most important economic events

Investing.com provides its users with a economic calendar consisting of the following elements:

  • THAT events economic important
  • THAT public holidays
  • THAT results financial companies
  • THAT dividend payments
  • THAT stock splits
  • THAT expired of contract

You can categorize events by date, category or geographic area depending on what interests you and what events you want to follow.

Survey reviews from companies around the world

On this page you can also find technical analysis, basic and notice on many asset classes such as forexTHAT markets friendsTHAT cryptocurrencies and obligations. You can categorize analysis based on the type of analysis you are looking for, asset class, industry or geography.

The analyzes are written by analysts of the platform or by subscribers.

The analyzes are Very popular and large quality.

In-depth technical analyses

Interesting feature for traders. You can make one technical analysis on your favorite assets directly from the Investing.com site.

To make your technical analysis, you can use many elements such as technical indicators and measuring tools.

graphic investment

This feature is very popular among traders as they can follow economic news and do technical analysis from a single platform.

Investing.com pro

All the previous functions are available for free. In addition to these features, you can subscribe to an Investing.com pro subscription, which allows you to:

  • Access financial reports
  • To perform chart comparisons
  • To create smart watchlists
  • To access more than 1200 basic measures

Investment has 3 offers which is :

  • The annual offer for €24.49 per month
  • The 2-year offer at €19.49 per month
  • The monthly offer €33.99 per month

Before you subscribe to one of these offers, you can take advantage of one free trialwhich is very beneficial to get an idea of ​​the quality of the subscription.

invest pro+

Using Investing.com when you are a trader can be very useful in many ways:

  • You can followdevelopment in several markets easily and from a single interface
  • Can you create wallets and watch lists personalized
  • You can consult one calendar gather the most important economic events
  • You can followeconomic news in real time

As you will have understood, whether you are a trader or an investor, you have every interest in consulting this page regularly.

In addition, the sources of information qualityis the interface comfortable to use and the vast majority of functions are available for free.

Our opinion on Investing.com

Investing.com is a popular website ininvestment and in trade and allows investors and traders to followdaily economic newsto carry out technical analysis on numerous asset classes and consultreal-time development of markets around the world.

The investment side is completegathers the most popular asset classes on the market and it can be very interesting to regularly consult this page to maintain inform and for follow the progress of his favorite assets in real time.

Investing.com User Reviews

Investing.com user reviews on Google Play are more than positive. There are over 560,000 reviews and the average rating is 4.5 out of 5.

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