Test Tesla Model Y 2022 (Road Trip): autonomy, driving, technologies… and galleys! (Video)

Mocked by the competition a few years ago, no manufacturer dares to laugh at Tesla anymore, especially since the Model Y seems well on the way to becoming the best-selling car in the world, if it keeps its current rate of growth. .

Available in France for about a year (see our test), with a battery now identical to the Model 3 this year and an AMD chip for the multimedia part, this SUV version of the sedan offers a little less autonomy (565 km against 626 – with aero rims), but a much more interesting space on board.

In this way try road trip over more than 2000 km, you will discover the advantages of this Model Y Long Autonomy 2022, but also its small defects -because at more than 65,000€/CHF, we would sometimes be entitled to expect a little more, as you will see in this new video!

2000Km in Model Y 2022 (Road Trip)

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