The 4 steps to follow to groom your dog like a pro

Throughout the year, but especially in summer during the hot weather, it is important to take care of our dogs. The first step to take is to brush it, in order to remove all the small dust or other particles that may have accumulated in its hair, especially if you take long walks in the countryside or in the forest. In addition to making it clean, your dog will feel much better and will give him an incomparable feeling of well-being. Apart from brushing, there is also mowing! Indeed, some breeds of dogs require special attention, especially when it comes to refreshing their cut, like big guys like Golden Retrievers or smaller ones like Shih Tzus. To shorten long hairs, prefer a mowing that will allow you to thin out better and for short hairs, such as pugs, favor a good brushing. In any case, seek advice from a groomer who will be able to guide you in your choices.

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Equip yourself with the right tools

You are about to turn your bathroom into a real home dog grooming house. In order to ensure that everything goes for the best, you have to equip yourself. And equip yourself properly! As with a cooking recipe, it is better to prepare all the utensils and products so that you can start your grooming session with complete peace of mind. According to Truffaut’s advice, it is necessary to obtain so-called basic equipment. Found in pet stores, it consists of a comb, a brush and a glove. Then, for more precise and efficient mowing, you can very well buy a suitable special pet clipper. Be careful, however, to respect a few rules in order to protect your doggie properly, when caring for the undercoat, that is to say those closest to the skin which “shed” during the change of seasons: ” If he needs to be fully or partially clipped, you will need a pet clipper. Equipped with different cutting heads, it allows easy and stress-free handling, for you and for him! But be careful: the cut should not be less than 3 mm, at the risk of causing inflammation or making it more susceptible to sunburn.” reveals Truffaut.

Successful grooming of your dog by following these steps

Once you have acquired all the “tools”, here are the steps to follow, according to Truffaut, for a top grooming:

Properly prepare your dog’s coat: this important step will allow you to remove all the knots that may have formed in your hair. Using a comb, we make gentle movements so as not to hurt your dog and especially not to stress him further. Once that’s done, you can shampoo using, not your own, but a special dog (or puppy) cleanser. ” Use a grooming glove to remove grease from the coat, remove sand, mud and debris stuck in the undercoat,” adds garden center and pet store site.

  1. Start with the head… before you start mowing, be sure to dry your dog’s coat thoroughly with a hair dryer.Then, take your clippers or your scissors to precisely cut the hairs that may bother him, being careful never to be less than 3mm!
  2. …then the legs…: in this place, the hair of our dog is essential to protect them from humidity and to evacuate perspiration from the pads. In winter, they insulate from the cold. For excessively long hair that may be on the paws, cut them so that they do not drag on the ground or make knots. You can cut the hairs flush with the pad or even leave 1 or 2 mm. Nails that are too long, which can cause pain, are not recommended. You can trim them with a nail clipper. reveals Truffaut.
  3. … ending with the abdomen: mowing this part is essential because, being close to the ground, it accumulates a lot of dirt such as dust, urine and excrement from your pet. By mowing it, you will reduce the risk of infections and parasites that could possibly lodge in this place. So ! You have all the keys in hand to take care of your dog, from home without going through the groomer box.

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