the ban on telework sows chaos in the company

The telecommuting ban has caused a massive return of employees to Tesla premises. Unfortunately, Elon Musk’s group would not have enough offices to accommodate all the employees. In addition, the Wi-Fi network would not be up to par.

At the beginning of June 2022, Elon Musk formally banned teleworking at Tesla. In a series of emails, the billionaire gave an ultimatum to employees who work from home. If they don’t come back to work in the office, they will be fired. To telecommute, senior managers must first pass a minimum of 40 hours per week on company premises.

Following Elon Musk’s decision, the group’s employees returned to Tesla’s factory campus in Fremont, in California. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the premises had been largely unoccupied. Most employees had indeed opted for remote work.

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Tesla would lack offices to accommodate all its employees

According to The Information, the massive return of employees has caused chaos on the Fremont campus. According to information gleaned by the media, many employees have not couldn’t find a parking space to park. Back to the wall, they left their car at the nearest station. They then took a Tesla shuttle to work.

Worse, there would not be enough offices to accommodate all the employees. All employees present have no couldn’t find a place to sit. Apparently some premises were reassigned during the pandemic. Furthermore, it seems that the campus Wi-Fi network is not strong enough for all employees to work. As The Information points out, the number of Tesla employees has doubled since the health crisis.

Elon Musk’s company was obviously not sufficiently prepared for the massive return of workers. The situation forced managers to send employees home.

Elon Musk qualifies his position

The situation could be temporary. Elon Musk has indeed announced laying off 10% of Tesla employees, or about 10,000 people. The CEO explains that he has a “very bad feeling” about the economy.

At the same time, Elon Musk has softened his position on telework. The billionaire clarified that the “ particularly outstanding contributors will be allowed to stay at home. He undertakes to personally validate each telework request. ” I asked for a list, which the managers have to confirm. If the employee is an excellent contributor, he can be telecommuting”, reassured Elon Musk during an exchange with the employees of Twitter, the social network that he intends to buy for the sum of 44 billion dollars.

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