The best platforms for Copy Trading

What is cryptocurrency copy trading?

THAT copy trading of cryptocurrencies is a form of social commerce which allows investors to automatically copy positions taken by more experienced traders.

The principle is simple: you choose a trader whose strategy and performance suits you, then you allocate part of your capital to copy their trades.

Every time the trader opens or closes a position, the same action is repeated on your account in proportion to the amount you have invested.

Illustration copy trade Exchange crypto Bitget

Kopihandel thus presents several advantage :

  • Time saving: no more need to spend hours analyzing the market.
  • Availability : allows beginners to benefit from the experience of experienced traders.
  • Diversification : By copying several traders, you can diversify your portfolio and spread risks.

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Like any principle in finance, copy trading also includes certain risks :

  • Dependence : you are completely dependent on the decisions of the trader you are copying.
  • Risk of loss: if the copied trader makes bad decisions, you will also suffer losses.

Therefore, it is important to choose your platforms and copy trade traders carefully and never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Comparison of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms

Here is a table comparing the key features of 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms among the most popular:

Platform Number of cryptos Copy trading fees Types of Copy Trading Services Discover
Bitten 700+ 10% of the profit is shared with the trader Copy Trading Futures, Copy Trading Spot, Trading Bot Experience Bitget
City bit 800+ 10% to 15% of the profit is shared with the trader Copy Trading, Perpetual Trading Bot Experience Bybit
BingX 600+ 8% to 10% of the profit is shared with the trader Futures Copy Trading, Spot Copy Trading Experience BingX
BloFin 300+ 10% of the profit is shared with copiers Futures trading with expert traders, custom trading settings (TP/SL, leverage mode) Experience BloFin
MEX 1700+ Up to 10% of the copier’s profit is shared with the trader Copy Trading Futures, Copy Trading Spot Experience MEXC

Now let’s look at each of these platforms in more detail.

Bitget: Leader in Cryptocurrency Copy Trading

Registration bitget futuresRegistration bitget futures

Bitten is the most used platform in the world for copy trade. The platform supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies and therefore already offers a wide range of trading options.

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Main characteristics:

  • Copy Trading Fees: Bitget takes 10% of the profit generated for traders, which incentivizes expert trader have continually optimize their strategies.
  • Copy Trade Services:
    • Copy trading terms: Allows you to copy traders’ future positions, suitable for those who want to take advantage of volatility without owning the asset.
    • Copy trading location: Ideal for traders who prefer to copy trades on directly owned assets.
    • Trade penalty: Automates the copy trading process and offers pre-defined strategies to maximize profit in different market conditions.
    • Copy trading strategy: This feature allows users to replicate global strategies including multiple trade types and risk management.

City bit

bybit logobybit logo

On City bitTHAT copy trade begins with the selection of a Master tradesman among the available profiles which provide information about their performance, strategies and risk level. You then choose the amount you want to invest and start copying the trades from the chosen dealer.

Main characteristics:

  • Copy Trading Fees: Fees vary between 10% and 15% of profits, based on the skill level and performance of the copied dealer.
  • Copy Trading Services:
    • Copy Trading USDT Perpetual: Allows you to copy trades on USDT perpetual contracts, suitable for those who prefer stable trading without expiration.
    • Trade penalty: Offers an automated approach to copying trades, perfect for users who cannot monitor the market 24/7.


Crypto exchange BingXCrypto exchange BingX

On BingXyou can choose experienced dealers to copy from various forms of copy tradingsuch as position rationing, which adjusts the funds you invest in relation to the trader’s position.

The platform offers user-definable settings such as capital per tradethe levels of take profit and stop lossas well as daily capital limitswhich allows you to manage your risks more carefully.

Main characteristics:

  • Copy Trading Fees: Fees are competitive and range between 8% and 10% of profits, promoting a win-win relationship between copiers and expert traders.
  • Copy Trading Services:
  • Copy trading with fixed margin, where you set a fixed margin for each copied trade, regardless of the trader’s margin/position ratio. Your trades are executed on your Standard USDT-M Futures Account.
  • Copy trade by position ratiowhere you use same percentage of your funds of copy trading, that the trader, with the same lever.
  • Copy trade via spot gridwhere you render the parameters for network strategy by the trader.


crypto exchange blofin logocrypto exchange blofin logo

In the same line, BloFin also offers copy trading on its platform. You have access to a large number of “Master tradesman” classified by their ROI, Assets Under Management or the number of copiers.

Main characteristics:

  • Copy Trading Fees: Constantly at 10% of the profit
  • Copy Trading Services:
  • Standard copy trade: Allows you to automatically copy trades from selected traders to the spot market
  • Copy trade with leverage: Introduces leverage to increase potential gains
  • Copy trading for Futures: Allows trades to be copied into futures contracts, thereby increasing risk
  • Program to become a Master Trader: Experienced traders can become “Master Traders” and be followed by others


Crypto exchange MEXCCrypto exchange MEXC

MEX is a exchange especially known for its near-zero fees for spot trading and futures trading. MEXC naturally offers a functionality of copy trade where it is possible to classify traders according to KING or number of copiers.

Main characteristics:

  • Copy Trading Fees: Up to 15% of the profit
  • Copy Trading Services:
    • Copy trade futures and spot: Allows main types of copy trading, on the spot market or on the futures market.

Each platform has its peculiarities, but all aim to simplify access to the cryptocurrency market and improve returns for investors of all levels through copy trading.

The best brokers for copy trading

In addition to crypto exchange platforms, some brokers actually offer copy trading to copy traders Forex, action or even raw material via CFD contracts.

Among the most popular brokers we can mention:

  • Vantage : offers copy trading available from $50 so novice traders can discover copy trading with a reduced barrier to entry
  • Axis : offers a copy trading application in partnership with Pelican Exchange Ltdwith a simple way to automatically identify and copy traders, commission-free and with spreads among the best on the market
  • eToro : pioneer in copy trading with a wide selection of traders to copy and the ability to copy up to 100 traders simultaneously

Binance Launches Spot Copy Trading

binance logobinance logo

Binancethe world leader in exchanges, recently launched its trade in spot copies in France.

This innovative functionality allows French users to automatically copy the strategies of the best traders in the spot market.

With a large selection of traders to copyof performance updated in real time and one total control over your capitalsince May 2024 you can benefit from the expertise of the experts in a few clicks and start copying spot traders in France.

Our advice for getting started with cryptocopy trading

Tips for copy tradingTips for copy trading
Tracking of traders on the Bitget platform.

You wish get started with copy trading but you still have doubts about how to get started? Here are our tips to get off to a good start copy trading crypto:

  • choose one reputable and reliable platform such as those cited in this article
  • Take your time take a good look at the statistics trading on leaderboards before copying their attitudes
  • Diversify by copying several traders with different strategies
  • Start with small amounts to test before investing more
  • Monitor your positions regularly and adjust your settings If necessary
  • Don’t invest what you can afford to lose

By following these tips and choosing one of them best copy trading platforms presented here, you will put all the chances on your side to succeed in copy trading of crypto.

Do not hesitate to test several platforms to find the one that suits you best. Good deal!

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