The best tools to invest in the stock market in 2024

The 7 essential tools for investing in the stock market

Access to investments has become more democratic in recent years, and today there are many tools available to us help you invest effectively in the stock market.

Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to increase your savings over the long term. To succeed, it is important to put all the odds on your side. For this we will present to you 7 tools which for us is crucial for investing in the stock market in 2024.

Whether you are a simple investor or a trading expert, these tools range from a simple tool to follow the newsto the tools for track your investments passes through stock screeners should interest you!

Tools to follow the news

Every day the stock markets are characterized by economic events And stay informed is important. In 2024, a wealth of tools are available to get information about important economic events in real time or to consult in-depth market analysis.

stock exchange zone

To follow the markets in real time, it is strongly recommended to use one of the websites that we will present to you in the following sections. This is useful for investing effectively on companies as well as for customize your trade depending on current events. Most of these sites allow you to follow the progress of trackof actionsof AND F and followingnews and business results easy.

Platforms like Zone exchange And Phoebe allow investors to:

  • Follow economic news
  • See real-time analysis of the most important stock indices
  • Monitor business results
  • Easily see the evolution of stock and ETF prices on a daily basis
  • Analyze charts in real time

These two sites perfectly meet the needs of the most novice investors and traders who want to follow the news easily.

For the most experienced traders or for more specific needs, there are also news sites such as the media Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal which allows you to stay informed on a daily basis and not miss important news. These media are in English but are a real gold mine to stay informed and follow the news every day.

THAT podcasts and webinars have also become valuable sources of information.

Stock screeners

THAT stock screeners are essential tools for investors who want to filter stocks by criteria as market valueTHAT P/E ratiothere profitabilityTHAT yield and revenue growth E.g.

The purpose of a stock screener is to classify companies according to a wide range of criteria in order to spot options and to invest in it with a medium and long-term approach in general.

Whether you’re looking for dividend, growth or the stocks with the biggest turnover, tools like EndViz And GuruFocus must meet your needs. These 2 sites offer intuitive user interfaces and filters can be customized and enable targeting of actions based on technical or fundamental data.

stock screenerstock screener

EndViz is preferable forTechnical aspect And GuruFocus to’fundamental aspect.

Choosing stocks to invest in on the stock market can be relatively difficult, and by using a stock screener you can ease the task. For example, by classifying CAC 40 companies by their capitalization, their income and their margin, you can find undervalued companies that represent investment opportunities interesting in the long term.

Macroeconomic data

Understanding the macroeconomic context is crucial for any investor and even more so for traders. Data asinflationTHAT interestTHAT GDP and unemployment strong influence on the markets.

Tools like OpenBB And Coyfin give detailed analyses and forecasts about the most important economic events in the world. These tools help traders make better short-term decisions by taking into account macroeconomic data and forecasts.

Very often when approaching events such as the results of inflation or unemployment in Europe or the United States, the market shows a significant volatility. Understanding how the results of these events can affect the stock markets allows you to protect or spot great opportunities. When macroeconomic data such as inflation or unemployment are released, markets can react strongly in one direction or the other.

The basic data

L’fundamental analysis is the beaba of stock investment. When you invest in a company like Liquid air, Apple Or Google, it is important to have studied its basic principles. Our investment decision should be (in part) based on the fundamental analysis of the company.

In 2024, tools like GuruFocus And Roic.ia provide easy access to data detailed financialHave economic key figures and occupational health analyses. These tools help assess companies’ intrinsic value and identify undervalued or overvalued stocks.

Fundamental data helps to understand whether a company is healthy or not and how it has performed financially in recent years. A sharply falling turnover is not necessarily a good sign, whereas a constant increase in yield may represent an interesting opportunity for investors looking for yield.


THAT brokers is intermediaries between investors and traders and financial markets. A mediator’s role is tobuy, of sell and off Store financial securities such as shares, ETFs, commodities etc cryptocurrencies for regard for its customers. Choosing a broker is a decision not to be taken lightly. To choose a broker, you need to analyze:

  • His offer
  • Available assets
  • Expenses
  • The interface
  • User opinions
  • Ease of use

It is important to choose a broker that matches its need when it comes to investing or trading, whether in terms of fees or market access. Brokers like eToro, XTB And DEGIRO dominates the investment and trading market.

These brokers allow you to invest and trade in a wide range of assets and have low fees and a good reputation. A broker should make investing easier, not harder! You should use a broker that you are comfortable with.

Tools to track your portfolio

Follow And manage his wallet is important to monitor your performance and improve. Tools like Finary allow users to follow their investmentsof to see their performanceto control their asset allocation and follow fees they pay annual.

The tools to track your portfolio have intuitive dashboards and replace the good old homemade Excel files. If you do not have the skills or time to develop your own tool, we strongly recommend that you take the time to use one of the tools available on the market.


He is important to follow your portfolio to succeed in the stock market. This allowsanalyze the development of its investments, to identify its weak points and correct them before they have too much of an impact on the performance of our investments. Being able to see gains and losses on each of your stock market positions is important to ensure the effectiveness of your strategy.

Financial calendars

THAT financial calendars are essential tools for monitoring events and financial publications which can affect the markets. Sites like, Forex factory, Trade Economy And Euronext France provide detailed calendars of economic events for you to follow the announcements of Monetary policyof‘inflation or even financial results companies.

Calendars allow investors to plan their strategies based on events happening in the coming days or weeks.

economic calendareconomic calendar

An increase in US inflation could adversely affect global markets. Regularly consulting the financial calendars allows you to adjust your positions over time.

The best tools for investing in the stock market: our opinion

Investing in the stock market in 2024 requires knowing the markets and being well informed. The tools presented in this article are for the most part for free and is best tools on the market. It is important to remember that while these tools can provide valuable insight and real-time analysis, they do not replace a well-thought-out investment strategy and a certain understanding of the markets.

In a world where markets are constantly changing and news can change things overnight, these tools are essential to remain responsive and having a stock market portfolio effective in the long term. By combining these tools with a solid strategy and good discipline, you put all the odds on your side to succeed in the stock market.

Warning : Investing in the stock market involves significant financial risks and should not be undertaken lightly. While the tools presented in this article can help you make more informed decisions, they are no guarantees. It is advisable to exercise caution, set limits on acceptable losses and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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