The captain stops the ship to save a kitten that has fallen overboard

A captain became a true hero when he made a decision that ended up saving a kitten’s life. And if for some people these helpless creatures are just animals, for others they are their companion in life, their traveling companion, a member of the family whom they would protect at all times from danger.

For animal lovers, traveling with their beloved pet is a real privilege. Fortunately, over time, some pets were allowed to travel by plane or bus.

This of course requires a lot of attention and precautions, because a small lack of attention is enough to cause an accident. For example, a ferry crew noticed that a kitten had jumped overboard and fallen into the sea.

The accident happened on the Isle of Wight in England. Fortunately, some passengers noticed the kitten fall and did not hesitate to act to prevent it from drowning and save it.

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The captain stops the ship to save a kitten that has fallen overboard

They quickly notified the crew, who notified their superiors, who, on learning what had happened, stopped the ferry without hesitation. Captain Simon Brindle slowed the ship down to save the kitten himself.

To do this, he had a lifeboat deployed so that two men could search the vastness of the sea for the kitten. It was a very tense moment, although it wasn’t long after they spotted the kitten in the waves, it seemed like an eternity.

Fortunately they managed to save the kitten, who was very frightened, they took him on board and transferred him to the ferry where he received all the attention he needed. For everyone, the rescue of the little feline was a real miracle, he didn’t have much chance of getting out of it unscathed, but luckily his story had a happy ending.

Once on board, everyone wanted to meet the miracle kitten, but they had to get him away from the crew and give him the space he needed to regain his strength.

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The captain and another member of his team dried him off with a towel and looked after him for the rest of the trip as a very special passenger. For Leanna Lakes, Director of Operations, it is very satisfying and gratifying to have participated in this rescue.

Everyone was immensely happy to have rescued the little feline, especially its owner, who had a very tense few minutes.

Leanna Lakes commented:

“We are incredibly proud of our captain and crew for acting quickly and saving one of our four-legged passengers…

…And we thank them for their courageous efforts. We are happy to say that the kitten was returned safe and sound. He is doing very well. »

This rescue mission was a success, but it also served as an example to all those who travel with their dear companions: be vigilant, always keep them on a leash and never lose sight of them. Here the captain did the right thing!

These felines are very agile and only the slightest carelessness can make the difference and they can go unnoticed at any moment.

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In order to be able to travel safely with our pets, it is necessary to take measures. This time we are happy to hear that a captain and his crew acted in time to help the kitten and bring her safely at destination with its owner.

It is said that cats have seven lives, it is possible that this kitten has used one and still has a long life left to continue enjoying many trips with those who love him so much.

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