The car does not charge due to the cold, the owner is forced to cancel Christmas Eve

New controversy for Tesla. As he prepares to join his family for Christmas Eve, a Tesla driver discovers that his car battery is nearly dead. The reason ? The transshipment, which did not take place due to the cold wave currently affecting the United States.

Poisoned Christmas present for a Tesla car owner. Last night, on the sidelines of Christmas Eve in the United States, a Tesla user was forced by his car to change the plans for his party day. While the owner of the car would join his family to celebrate New Year’s Eve, flat car batteryforced him to abandon his celebrations. Still, the driver had foreseen his exit. In fact, during the day he had tried unsuccessfully to recharge his vehicle.

His Tesla doesn’t recharge, he cancels his New Year’s Eve © Pixabay

After testing on different chargers, ultra-fast, normal, at home or outside, the battery always showed the same percentage of charge. After 15 hours of rechargingthe vehicle still showed a autonomy of 30 kilometers. Even worse, high battery temperature warning messages forced the Tesla owner to stop charging at some point. A worrying development as the cold only reached -7°C in the US yesterday.

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A nightmare end to the year for Tesla?

A sad New Year’s Eve for this user just like Tesla. This story actually comes just days after the latest model (Model S) of the American brand caused a pileup between 8 different vehicles. Driving then on the highway, in autonomous mode, this accident put on the table, again, it safety aboard Tesla vehicles. In fact, the autopilot designed by the American company is the subject of several investigations for identified inconsistencies that could endanger Tesla users as well as other motorists. As a reminder, this same model (Model S) was already suspected earlier this year of causing the death of three people inside the vehicle.


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