The distress of the SPA of Rodez by discovering one of its puppies on Le Bon Coin after its adoption

Guapa will not have remained long in her first family, since she was sold on the Bon Coin before finding her way to the refuge of Rodez in the space of four months.

“We specify that on the adoption contract she signed, it is clearly indicated that when the adopters no longer want to keep the animal, it must be brought back to us”, annoys the Rodez SPA on its Facebook page . Guapa was a puppy when she arrived in February and was lucky to find a family quickly.

But four months later, here she is back at the shelter… after having been sold for 100 euros on the Bon Coin in the meantime.

“There are no drop-out fees”

The Rodez SPA discovered it at the beginning of July when Guapa had to be sterilized. “Her adopter asked the veterinary clinic, with whom we work, to put her in the name of another person since she wanted to part with her”.

After several calls, the SPA managed to reach the adopter and learned that the little animal was no longer at home. Guapa already had new owners after an ad on the Le Bon Coin site. The SPA is not angry: “when we were on the phone with the second family, we understand that the adopter of Guapa chained lies. She returned only 50 euros to the second family, justifying that we had asked her 80 euros for the return of Guapa, which is totally untrue. When we take adopted animals back to us, there is no abandonment fee.”

“Once again we are witness to the distress of one of our proteges in the face of this new abandonment. Guapa has returned to her place among us and we are going to do our best to find her this time a real family who will commit to her. for all his life”, comments the refuge.

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