the new CEO wants to “transform” the restaurant chain into “a popular brand”

Baptiste Bayart, at the head of the group since the beginning of the year, details his roadmap in an interview with Parisian.

Bounce. After a very difficult period for Flunch, which had to close fifty restaurants throughout the territory in recent months, his boss wants to breathe new life into the family restaurant chain. In an interview at Parisian , Baptiste Bayart indicates his method to make the group profitable again, which has not been able to modernize. “For a very long time, the concept hardly evolved. However, the tray a little sad, the meal eaten lukewarm in an old-fashioned decor, it’s over, ” specifies this young CEO of 42 years. With a guideline:To transform this brand which had become impoverished into a popular brand, in the noble sense of the term.”

Baptiste Bayart starts from a postulate, that of the departure of more and more customers “for a decade”. To change the current trend, he first wants more dialogue between the group’s headquarters and the restaurants and then lighten the menu with too many references. In charge of Flunch’s finances, Baptiste Bayart points out that he “has a budget of 75 million euros” to completely renovate the signs, which will notably include a “new customer journey“. Before warning that the main menu will increase slightly: from 8.95 euros to 9.45 euros. And this, to remedy the rise in the prices of energy but also of certain food products.

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