The Paris of chefs – What Pierre Hermé eats

Ithe beautiful having recently moved his offices from rue Fortuny boulevard Malesherbes, Pierre Hermé would not leave his apartment in the heart of Pereire, in the 17e borough. The best pastry chef in the world has his gourmet habits in the neighborhood.

Fishmonger, baker, greengrocer…, food traders at the Poncelet market very often come across “the Picasso of pastry”, as the magazine nicknamed him. vogue American. The pope of the macaron also loves the cakes of Kevin Lacote, “brilliant pastry chef” based on avenue de Villiers. The perfect opportunity for Pierre Hermé to reveal to the Point his five favorite addresses in the capital.

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His bistro: Le Baratin
“This is one of my favorite Parisian restaurants, which I have frequented since 1997. It feels like home. I learned a lot about wine there thanks to the discoveries of Philippe Pinoteau. In the kitchen since the restaurant was created in 1987, the self-taught Raquel Carena delivers cuisine from the heart that celebrates the product. The slate changes every day while retaining a few essentials. I adore her Catalan-style tripe, her turbot from Guilvinec, her sweetbreads… Here, I am forbidden from dessert, Raquel refuses that I taste hers (laughs). »
3, rue Jouye-Rouve, 20e. Menu: from 32 to 62 €.

His seafood restaurant: Dessirier
“Sometimes I eat there, but most of the time I order beautiful seafood platters to take home. It’s very convenient as I live close by. Blue lobsters, crabs, spider crabs, prawns, whelks, langoustines, oysters…, I really enjoy this marine cure. A true ode to iodine! »

9, place du Maréchal-Juin, 17e. Menu: €46. Menu: from 40 to 105 €. Seafood platters: €36 to €66.

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His wine merchant: Frenchie Caviste
“Grégory Marchand, at the head of the starred table Frenchie Restaurant, opened up a formidable cellar with his sommelier Aurélien Massé. I always find nuggets there. I enjoy leaving with wines that I have heard of but had never drunk. The selection is eclectic between nature, organic, biodynamic, reasoned, conventional. French vineyards and those of the whole world are put on the front of the glass. As a fan of the Rhône Valley, I can’t resist Matthieu Barret’s cornas. »

9 Nile Street, 2e.

Its market gardener: Plantation
“Sidney Delourme and Sarah Msika are behind a wonderful project called Cultivate, a 7,000 square meter urban farm perched on a rooftop near La Villette. The greenhouse is heated by a data center located in a building below. I have been following them since their beginning, in 2019. I get a lot of vegetables from them for my savory menu at Beaupassage: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, celery… Their herbs are sublime and their raspberries delicious. I also take this opportunity to provide myself for my home! »
37, rue des Cheminots, 18e. From €20 for a basket of vegetables.

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His tea shop: La Maison des Trois Thés
“Welcome to the paradise of Chinese and Taiwanese teas! Since 1995, Mrs. Tseng has built one of the largest cellars in the world in this field with more than 1,000 references. This world-renowned expert introduced me to the art of pu-erh, this fermented tea grown in Yunnan millennia ago. Rare, precious, this long-keeping tea, in the form of a compressed cake, is served in small quantities. In the mouth, the sensation felt is indescribable. »
1, rue Saint-Medard, 5e.

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