the perfect competitor of the Tesla Model 3?

Hyundai has just formalized the launch of the IONIQ 6, a 100% electric sedan which is already presenting itself as Tesla’s competitor.

Everything seems to be going well for the Korean brand Hyundai in recent months. While the company saw the electric revolution coming in the automotive world, the consequences were not long in coming. With +4% of global sales over the last quarter and +7% outside the Korean peninsula, Hyundai is on the rise.

In addition to this success with consumers, the brand knows how to please critics and the panel of journalists who recently elected the car of the year placed the Hyundai group on the podium twice. With the Kia E6 (owned by the Hyundai Motors group) which was crowned the big winner of the competition in 2022, but also with the Hyundai IONIQ 5, a car that can be found in its version evolution at the end of 2022: the IONIQ 6.

A perfect sedan to compete with Tesla and Volkswagen

Presented overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday this week, the car had long been teased by the brand on social networks and several visuals had already given a first idea of ​​the curves of this sedan. While this IONIQ 6 EV is taking over from a family and comfortable version, Hyundai wanted to enter a new market with this model.

By offering a sports sedan, the Korean firm is above all trying to compete with the heavyweights in the sector, the Tesla Model 3 and the Volkswagen ID. With an ultra-worked aerodynamic profile, the IONIQ 6 is announced with a drag coefficient of 0.21. As a reminder, the most aerodynamic car in the world today is the Mercedes EQS with a coefficient of 0.20.

If some enthusiasts have seen in the presentation of the IONIQ 6 a copy of the German brand Porsche, especially with regard to the rear of the car which could recall the sports 911, the Korean firm stands out for its taste for new technologies. . The dashboard is filled with two screens of 12 inches each. In a very bright interior, Hyundai has opted for minimalism and places the window opening buttons in the center of the cabin. Just to gain a few centimeters on the doors and offer a little more comfort to the driver.

The devil is always in the details, Hyundai has chosen to trust its technology and does not offer mirrors as such on this car. Always for questions of aerodynamics, the brand preferred to turn to optional cameras whose image is broadcast live on the two screens of the dashboard.

Official launch in July

If for the moment we have very few details on the autonomy or the very design of the car, we already know that it will be built on the same basis as the IONIQ 5 or the Kia EV6. In all likelihood, it should therefore have the right to a 77 kWh battery, enough to give it a range of several hundred kilometers, but impossible to be more precise for the moment.

Hyundai has already given an appointment to people who would like to know more about this car in mid-July, the date of the official launch of the latter.

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