The pet, a real asset for your child’s brain!

Social relations, language, concentration… Interactions with a pet have multiple virtues on the cognitive skills of children. Happy monkey/Adobe Stock.

PSYCHOLOGY – Does growing up with an animal promote skill acquisition and cognitive development? This is obvious for the families concerned. And confirmed by scientists…

Less stress, more self-esteem, more physical activity… Our pets are often cited as an example for these benefits, but rarely for their help in cognitive development. However, they also excel in this area! “Babies are as if magnetized by animals, which extraordinarily capture their visual attention. A few hours after birth, newborns stare with more attraction and curiosity, light configurations simulating the movement of a hen, rather than random figures or figures reproducing this movement upside down“, confirms Professor Laurent Begue-Shankland, director of the Maison des Sciences de l’homme Alpes and author of a well-documented book: Faced with animals, our emotions, our prejudices, our ambivalences (ed. Odile Jacob).

As the child grows, this attraction for the animal world does not weaken: “A seven months, photographs of dogs or lizards activate distinct neural networks…

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