The “Russian McDonald’s” turns into a fiasco, between shortage of fries and mold in the sandwiches

RUSSIA – “Tasty and that’s it.” But with a hint of mold added. Less than a month after its opening, nothing is going well for “Vkousno i Totchka”, the chain which took over McDonald’s restaurants in Russia in June, after the departure of the American brand.

It would seem that the name of the brand – which could therefore be translated as “Tasty and that’s all” or “Delicious, period” – is ultimately rather badly chosen. On the one hand, the Russian restaurant is facing a growing shortage of fries because of Western sanctions against Moscow, the economic news site reported on Friday (July 8). RBK. On the other hand, customers have reported, with supporting photos, having found mold in their burgers… and even pieces of insects.

Political opponent Ksenia Sobchak pointed out on her Telegram channel that Vkousno i totchka “does not quite meet McDonald’s standards, at least in terms of product quality control”. “Today alone there were at least three recorded cases of burgers with moldy buns being sold to customers of the brand,” she said, later indicating that customers were also given sauces which had passed their expiry date.

In response to the allegations, a spokeswoman for the channel told the outlet Newsweek that “product quality and safety are our top priority. When storing and preparing the products, all necessary procedures are followed”. She also assured to have “already contacted the manufacturer [de pains] for more details. And the whole batch, in which the product of insufficient quality was found, was thrown away.”

Shortage of fries at least until this fall

As for the shortage of fries, the press service of the Russian group announced that “in some Vkousno i totchka restaurants, there will be no more fries”. According to the group, the harvest of potatoes intended for the manufacture of French fries was poor in 2021 in Russia, leading to a shortage. “import from foreign markets (…) has become impossible” due to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow as a result of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, he said.

The spokesperson said the group hoped to see French fries back on the menu at all Vkusno i Totchka restaurants in the fall, with the start of the new harvest in Russia.

In addition to this problem of fries, the Russian McDonalds will be deprived, once their stocks are exhausted, of all the drinks of the American giant Coca Cola, which also withdrew from the Russian market because of the assault on Ukraine.

The brand’s first restaurants opened in Russia on June 12, drawing throngs of nostalgic visitors to McDonald’s, which suspended work at its 850 restaurants in March before leaving the country for good in May.

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