The Sucré-Salé restaurant has opened in the lower town of Laon

Un “Sucré-Salé” restaurant area has just opened on boulevard Brossolette. He wants to be innovative in Laon.

The managers, Mohamed Ayed and Tarek Kelifi, have a candy distribution business in the Paris region. They got to know the department of Aisne thanks to customers from Laon who bought some of their confectionery.

In December 2020, the two men joined forces to take over the station bakery, with two points of sale, one on boulevard Pierre-Brossolette and the other on rue Jacques-Gallet.

Motivated by the same desire to set up in the catering sector and to complete the bakery offer, the managers bought the office previously run by the audioprosthetist Florence Verjus to set up the “Sucré-Salé” business in 15 boulevard Pierre-Brossolette.

Everything is made on site and nothing is frozen. Meals can be eat in or take away

The idea came while touring Laon. I found a lot of items missing like Italian ice cream, pancakes, waffles, salads, pasta in trays, fruit salads, granitas. I wanted to bring these new products to town and avoid anything greasy sandwiches, fries or kebabs”says Mohamed Ayed, who is above all aiming for a healthy diet.

Everything is made on site. There are no frozen foods. ” Lhe place is necessarily innovative. I also surveyed bakery customers to see if they would be interested in salads or pasta. The feedback was favorable. I wanted to shake things up », Further develops this Tunisian of origin.

The dishes offered, prepared with local products, can be eaten on site or taken away. At the moment, this catering space is still in the pre-opening period to promote the products, test the machines and take into account customer comments.

Two waitresses take turns serving visitors. Different formulas are offered. The prices seem reasonable. ” We take into account the current situation, inflation. People will be attracted by the prices and then by the taste and the recipes “, hopes the owner. For the moment, the shop only opens in the morning, but the hours could change soon. ” I am considering opening at 7 a.m. with perhaps an afternoon slot as well “.

There is no shortage of ideas to develop this space, but always with the aim of satisfying customers as much as possible.


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