The top 10 cities where Teslas are the most popular

We all wonder which cities in France where Tesla electric cars were purchased the most in 2021… Here is the answer and this may surprise you!

A table to see more clearly in the Tesla figures

The table below shows the volume of Tesla purchased for 4 different models: Model 3, S, X and Y.

The ranking of cities has been established up to 10, which means that all the cities in which Tesla can be found are not present. And we quickly realize that some are very close in terms of numbers…

It is therefore above all a top at a time T, which can (which will!) evolve as quickly as the electric mobility market!

Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model S Tesla Model X Tesla Model Y TOTAL
Volume Volume Volume Volume Volume
1 Paris 1,098 0 2 114 1,214
2 Chambourcy 344 0 0 91 435
3 Marseilles 380 0 1 14 395
4 Aix en Provence 224 0 0 15 239
5 Lyons 200 0 0 18 218
6 Nice 187 0 0 11 198
7 Toulouse 148 0 2 13 163
8 Montpellier 118 0 0 10 128
9 Annecy 111 0 0 10 121
10 Strasbourg 109 0 0 8 117

Source : Capital

Significant and steady growth for Tesla

Mocked by some manufacturers some time ago, the American brand has now become a key player in electrification in the automotive sector.

Around the world, sales are good. They are even progressing in many markets despite a path strewn with pitfalls (health crisis, shortage of semiconductors) which has seen several brands stumble.

This success, Tesla owes it above all to its flagship model: the Model 3.

It is a family sedan the size of an Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series. It is sold for less than 40,000 euros, in its most popular version, thanks to the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.

The third best-selling electric model in France in 2020, the American climbed to first place last year. It thus grills the politeness of the French stars of the segment, the Renault Zoé and Peugeot e-208.

An unequal distribution of Teslas in the cities of France

As in 2020, it was in Paris that Tesla models sold the most last year. According to data provided by the firm AAA Data for Capital, 1,214 units were sold in 2021, including a very large majority of Model 3 (1,098 units).

The capital is followed by another city located in the Paris region: Chambourcy with 435 registrations… for less than 6,000 inhabitants! If this small agglomeration of Yvelines ends in front of big cities like Marseille or Lyon, it is because it is there that the French subsidiary of the American manufacturer set up its headquarters almost 7 years ago.

The sales figures also show that the vast majority of important cities for Tesla are in the southeast (Nice, Marseilles, Lyons, Annecy, Montpellier).

No city located in Brittany, Normandy or on the Atlantic coast is part of the ranking. And this, even though the “Tesla Superchargeur” charging network is now present almost everywhere in the country. There are undoubtedly explanations for this fact…

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