The TVS NEO ami 125 motorcycle launched in Mali by Tcsons Trading: 72 revolutionary options, advanced and safe technology

The TVS Motor company, a leader in the manufacture of 2-wheel and 3-wheel motorcycles, represented in Mali by Tcsons Trading, launched the new TVS Neo Ami 125 in our country on Sunday, January 28, at the Radisson Collection hotel. Designed in accordance with the changing needs of users, this innovative two-wheeled motorcycle is equipped with 72 revolutionary options.

The launch of the TVS Neo Ami 125 motorcycle took place in the presence of an audience of personalities including the heads of the Tcsons Trading brand, but also officials including the representative of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the representative of the Ambassador India in Mali, the Regional Director and above all traders who came in large numbers from within the country.

For the head of Tcsons Trading, Ajay Chellani, the TVS Neo Ami motorcycle is a machine designed around 3 axes, including the appropriate size and design of the vehicle, with maximum comfort and above all intelligent technology and safety. Thus, unlike conventional motorcycles in its category, it is equipped with two USB key ports, the first towards the handlebars and the second under the saddle, so that riders can recharge their mobile phones. Another feature of the TVS Neo Ami: it has a large luggage rack and the user also does not need to lift the saddle to access the tank.

At the launch of this model, Rahul Nayak, Vice President International Business at TVS Motor company ltd based in India, expressed his satisfaction with these terms. “We are very happy to add a new high-performance product to our motorcycle program for Africa. The TVS Neo Ami 125 is packed with certain features that meet the demands of African users: increased ground clearance, longer seat for a much more comfortable ride. We are happy to launch this new product and look forward to providing you with a hassle-free driving experience, qualified after-sales service and available genuine spare parts.” said Rahul Nayak from India.

And to add that TVS Neo Ami 125 will be available from all official distributors in Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Congo, in Chad, Central African Republic and Niger. At least from the side of those responsible for Tcsons Trading, the launch of the TVS Neo Ami 125 was a great success because this machine immediately became a preference, especially since it meets the demands of users in terms of comfort and innovation.

As proof, 5 machines were bought on the spot. “Our products are already marketed in more than 80 countries covering the whole of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Last week, TVS Motor even announced its entry into Europe”, Tcsons Trading officials added. They also added that exports represent approximately 25% of the company’s activity in the first half of 2023, a confirmation of the quality of the company’s products, its superior technological offering and the quality of its research and development department.

Upscale retailers

The launch of this new model was also used by Tcsons Trading to reward traders who came in large numbers from the Bamako district and the interior of the country through certificates and recognition trophies. An opportunity used by certain traders to renew their confidence in Tcsons Trading products. “In our stores, Tcsons Trading motorcycles, especially TVS, are currently the best sellers among the various brands that we market and we have no doubt that the TVS Neo ami motorcycle will benefit from the same enthusiasm among our customers. “ supported a dealer at the Grand Marché after receiving his certificate of recognition.

It should be noted that a total of 21 trophies and 73 certificates of recognition were awarded during this ceremony.

And the launch took place around a gala dinner with performances by artists such as the Soul Train orchestra and actors Garibou fama and ATT Junior.

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