The weight of bronchiolitis, “Switzerland is not neutral”, Elon Musk “genius and media swindler” –

A tense situation in pediatric emergencies due to the bronchiolitis pandemic, the strong words of the Swiss ambassador to Ukraine, Swiss-American relations as seen by Ambassador Scott Miller, an extraordinary Elon Musk and the work of scientists from the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Geneva on data from the James Webb space telescope: these are the five picks of the week from RTSinfo.

REPORT – The bronchiolitis epidemic continues to rage

The situation has worsened further on the front of the bronchiolitis epidemic and pediatric emergencies in French-speaking Switzerland are overheated. Since the beginning of October, around fifteen children have had to be transferred from the Geneva University Hospitals, to Neuchâtel in particular. But the HUG also welcome young patients from other Swiss hospitals, about ten for a month and a half. Some come from Zurich or Winterthur.

“Babies have a state of health that can change very quickly. In a few hours or minutes sometimes, their situation can deteriorate. There, we have to be very reactive”, explains in the 7:30 p.m. the head of the pediatric emergency care teams to the HUG Kevin Haddad to illustrate the puzzle of places to free up very quickly.

Around 70% of children hospitalized at HUG are hospitalized for bronchiolitis. To cope with this, the hospital has increased its capacity, from around 30 beds to 45 today before reaching 55 beds in the next two weeks.

>> The 7:30 p.m. report:

The numerous cases of bronchiolitis force some hospitals to transfer young patients to other establishments / 7:30 p.m. / 2 min. / Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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THE INTERVIEW – “Switzerland is not neutral” in the conflict in Ukraine

After almost nine months of war, Ukraine is preparing to face a winter where it will be a question of survival for the population. For the Swiss ambassador in kyiv, the Swiss position is very clear in this protracted conflict: “In a scenario such as we are experiencing in Ukraine, we are not neutral”, launched Wednesday Claude Wild in La Matinale de the RTS. “We apply the law of neutrality, it’s different”.

“That means two things,” the diplomat clarified: “We are not joining a military alliance and we are not exporting weapons to the conflict zone, even to support the victim. That is neutrality.”

On the other hand, at the level of values ​​and interests, “we are clearly for the respect of international law and this right has been violated by Russia in Ukraine”, he continues. “What Ukraine is doing is legitimate, what Russia is doing is illegal and illegitimate. So we are very clearly behind Ukraine’s position.”

>> Claude Wild’s interview in La Matinale:

The guest of La Matinale (video) - Claude Wild, Swiss Ambassador to Ukraine [RTS]

The guest of La Matinale (video) – Claude Wild, Swiss Ambassador to Ukraine / The guest of La Matinale (video) / 11 min. / Wednesday at 07:33

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INTERVIEW – “What can Swiss ammunition be used for?”

In post in Bern for almost a year, the United States ambassador to Switzerland, Scott Miller, was the guest on Thursday of the RTS program Tout un monde. He returned extensively to the state of relations between Switzerland and the United States, which have relaxed after a tumultuous decade marked by the conflict over banking secrecy.

The two countries have remained very close economic partners, rather aligned with their vision of the world, even if Washington does not understand everything that is decided in Bern. The latest example is Germany’s ban on re-exporting Swiss-made ammunition to Ukraine.

Obviously, I think that the Swiss defense industry must ask itself to whom it can sell its equipment”, launches the American diplomat. “Here, we are talking about countries which want to use these weapons for peacekeeping. These ammunition that Germany has, if they cannot be used for the defense of energy infrastructures, what could they be used for?”, he wonders.

>> Ambassador Scott Miller’s interview in Tout un monde:

Scott Miller: “If Swiss ammunition cannot be used to defend Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, what could it be used for?” / Everyone / 14 min. / Thursday at 08:14

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DECRYPTION – Elon Musk both “genius and media crook”

Elon Musk bought Twitter, he flies rockets, deploys satellites by the thousands or promises the autonomous car with Tesla. “He has become a kind of people, that is to say someone everyone has heard of now”, notes Olivier Lascar, editor-in-chief of the magazine’s digital. Science and Future – Research and guest on the program Médialogues.

This notoriety dates back to 2013, when Elon Musk unveiled “a compendium of technology devoted to the Hyperloop, this train project that would circulate in vacuum tunnels at the speed of an airplane”, indicates the author of the book “Elon Musk , the man who defies science”.

Olivier Lascar’s book is subtitled “Elon Musk, genius or crook?”. However, “today, I would say that he is 66% brilliant and 30% a crook. But he is still brilliant, because he is a technology accelerator (…) and he is someone one which, despite the controversy, makes you dream,” said the journalist.

>> Olivier Lascar’s interview in Médialogues:

Elon Musk, both scientific genius and media crook / Médialogues / 21 min. / Wednesday at 08:36

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DISCOVERY – Data from the James Webb Space Telescope under the magnifying glass

Scientists at the University of Geneva Astronomical Observatory have obtained six observation programs on the most powerful telescope ever sent into space, James Webb. When the data arrives, it must be made to speak.

The atmosphere is therefore studious in the Astrotech Lac room of the Observatory, in Sauverny, in the canton of Geneva. Two female students, three students and their teacher, Pascal Oesch, are bent over their computers while conversing, by interposed screen, with colleagues connected from China, Japan, several cities in the United States, Denmark and Zurich.

>> Report in La Matinale:

Behind the scenes of data from the James Webb Space Telescope / La Matinale / 1 min. / Monday at 06:20

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