The window of a restaurant broken because of a fight in Caen

The manager of the Pancake fever restaurant in Caen had the unpleasant surprise of finding her window broken due to a fight during the night. ©DR

Bad surprise this Sunday, July 3, 2022 around 9 a.m. for the manager of the pancake fever restaurantlocated rue Gémare in Caen (Calvados), not far from the Saint-Julien ditches.

“It was not directed against the restaurant, there was no theft”

Upon arriving at her establishment, Chloé discovered a completely broken restaurant window, next to the front door. The facts took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

It wasn’t directed at the restaurant. There was no theft. Friends passed by this night, around 3am, and it followed a fight. Police and an ambulance were on the scene.

Chloe, the restaurant manager

Already a misadventure two weeks ago

Blood was notably found in front of the establishment. The restaurant was able to open its doors this Sunday, July 3, but with an hour delay. “We had to clean everything to reopen, it’s annoying, but there’s nothing serious either. I contacted my insurance, I’m waiting for them to contact me again,” continues Chloé.

Two weeks ago, the Pancake fever had already experienced a misadventure during one night: a drunken man had attacked the terrace of the establishment.

The restaurant manager planned to file a complaint at the police station during the day.

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