These artists or creators who have given the bars and restaurants of Limoges a little extra soul

In bars and restaurants, decoration is a significant factor, the little thing that can encourage customers to push the door. If he comes to satisfy his taste buds, the consumer also attaches importance to the setting. This phenomenon is not new.

In the past, painters and designers were called upon. But today, to capture the attention of customers, we deploy great means. Often the managers make an element of the decoration the flagship symbol of their business. The oldest remember the mythical yellow truck of the Park Avenuethe steamroller of the Babylon or the cow hanging from a ceiling. To the sloping slab, Cours Jourdan, Thibaud Degonville, who is one of the partners, took care of the dressing. In flea markets, he unearthed unusual objects from the 1930s, an old motorcycle and a Renault KZ from 1931. Used by an Ambazac wine merchant to deliver to his customers, this vehicle has become the attraction of the place.

The most baroque place remains the creperie Grandma Bigoude rue Charles-Michels. She assumes her rock’roll, vintage side. There emerge thousands of objects that belong to the collective memory. Grandmother’s blouses, canvas, walls lined with old magazines. The madness is everywhere even in the colors.

Freddy Giraud and François Soumagnac also have a sense of showmanship. In their lounge bar and brasserie at 9 place Fournier, you enter like a theater. “We wanted a baroque and original environment. And there, the consumer is out of place. He goes on a trip for dinner or lunch.

In images, in pictures

The city bistroThe restaurant on boulevard de la Cité shines with its decoration by Éric Boulesteix. He designed the logo that represents Vitruvian man, revisited. Added to this are paintings that combine wood and porcelain utensils.

The Baron“We wanted a baroque and original environment. Hence the showcase dedicated to Michaël Jordan, and the golden basketball hoop,” emphasizes François Soumagnac. It’s all in the details at this Place Fournier restaurant.

The slab…
There are plenty of old objects in this Cours Jourdan restaurant. Old tennis rackets, motorbikes… The reference to the 1930s is everywhere. The 1931 Renault KZ is the flagship piece, the symbol of this brewery. In the past, at Park Avenuelocated a little higher, the yellow and red truck had become the totem of the establishment.

Granny BigoudeThe creperie rue Charles-Michels was born in 2008. Very quickly, customers were surprised and seduced by the rock and vintage decor at the same time. All owners play on this side too much. The canvases, the blouses of grandmothers, the old furniture repainted with flashy colors. Not only do people appreciate but they contribute by donating items. To see, the toilets lined with magazines from the 50s and 60s.

Jean-Francois Julien


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