these products are the subject of a massive recall in France

No sooner has it been posted and broadcast on the Web than this reminder makes people talk. If it’s in your fridge, we give you the procedure.

Too many reminders?

Thanks to social networks, the product recall is happening much faster than before. Indeed, when scientists detect a bacterium, the authorities prefer to sound the alarm. After two years of Covid-19, the psychological and physical after-effects are still present in all memories. Also, getting sick because of a purchase in a supermarket is not on the agenda. Certainly, during episodes of confinement or curfew, home-made comes back into fashion. We had to learn how to better select the ingredients in order to consider designing Grandma’s recipe. Alas, this last episode turns everything upside down. If we can’t even trust him anymore, we have the impression that we are going straight into the wall!

Sweet or salty, the reminder is anything but trivial!

Easter chocolate egg hunt, it’s time forObjeko favorite ! Indeed, young and old gourmets take the opportunity to release the pressure of everyday life. And that, Kinder seemed to have understood it well. Each year, the brand makes it a point of honor to introduce us to new flavors. However, what the consumer had not anticipated was that a recall would spoil the party. Height of horror, we must absolutely sort our purchases according to the expiry date or serial number. The major risk of developing intense intestinal ailments sows panic. Moreover, some do not hesitate and throw. Even if they try to put on a good face, it’s grimace for supermarket managers. What to do with all this stock?

A few days later, an earthquake hits the frozen food section. After interviewing customers, we can see the good reputation of this pizza brand. It is obvious, it wins the palm of the most user-friendly. Available in all its forms, it often adorns aperitif dinners or improvised meals. In fact, if you don’t have the material time to design it, it does a lot of service to overwhelmed families. Ah if this mom had heard of this recall before, maybe she could have saved her princess from the hell of resuscitation? To TPMP, she agrees to break the silence and recount her trauma. Columnists, viewers, everyone is in shock!

What is listeria?

After an unprecedented heat wave, the French organize the holidays. During the latter, there is no question of watching your weight. Fortunately, some classics of gastronomy help us not to take a gram. At the house of Objeko, we think in particular of the mozzarella tomato salad. Accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil, it is a delight for the taste buds. Alas, if you are not lucky enough to have a cheese maker nearby, the brand John Ferrari is not likely to give you satisfaction. Sold in sachets or in the form of mini balls, this reminder suggests that the worst is yet to come!

Let us say to ourselves, as soon as we have a peak of fever, we necessarily think that we have caught the latest variant of Covid-19. However, because of this reminder, we must study another avenue. Just the word listeria is enough to make the authorities tremble. As you have understood, if you do not follow the recommendations of this double reminder, you risk developing unpleasant symptoms such as headaches or aches. As for the pregnant woman, already she has to sort out her food on the shutter, this umpteenth problem will not reassure her. Due to the massive increase in prices and the shortage of certain ingredients, she is struggling to continue her pregnancy in good conditions. Oh, this nightmare is over!

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