this 98 world champion who succeeded in conquering it… and he has some dog!

Everyone knows his love for television and his talent for animation. But what Karine Ferri loves above all is animals. Indeed, the companion of Yoann Gourcuff continues to carry out actions to defend the rights of hairballs and try to react to people who abandon dogs, cats, and other adorable animals. So when a famous sportsman speaks up to defend animals like this Friday, July 1, the host could only be charmed by his speech.

A speech that undoubtedly touched the one who still mourns the disappearance of her ex-companion Grégory Lemarchal. Especially since throughout the last week, the pretty brunette has continued to relay videos from the Chamarande SPA to try to find a home for an adorable Malinois. A dog who risked losing his life if no one came to adopt him, as the animal protection society’s Instagram account warned. “One more day behind bars for Teck… Still no one for handsome Teck. His campaign ends tomorrow night, don’t let him die in a cage”it was written.

Animals, a common passion and love

Since then, Teck has still not found a family, but the Chamarande SPA is trying everything for everything, hoping for a report from TF1 to try to alert as many people as possible. Karine Ferri “cries” this situation and needs to learn good news to try to find a smile. Fortunately, Frank Leboeuf recently took the floor to give him some comfort.

Indeed, the one who won the 1998 World Cup with the France team appeared in a video published by PETA France to ask families not to buy animals but to adopt them. “I love animals so much that seeing an animal locked in a cage makes my stomach twist. So I would like people to adopt. And when you adopt, it’s for life. You don’t adopt just to please in winter and then we reject no no! You have to take care of it”confided he very moved by touching at the same time the host of TF1. She thanked him for his speech and no doubt hopes that he will be able to make some people aware that they can save lives.

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