This technique effectively cools your dog during hot weather, but beware of certain points!

The climate is a factor that can completely influence our daily comfort. Whether it’s cold or hot, you can quickly feel uncomfortable with changes in temperature. It can also affect pets. Dogs can especially live badly in high heat. It is therefore essential to find a solution to refresh them. There are many techniques to achieve this. Precautions must however be taken for some of them.

High temperature: a risk for pets


During the summer, it is not uncommon to find that temperatures soar. This can present a real danger for humans, but also for animals. Before looking for the best tips to cool your pet, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of a temperature that is too high for your dog. A simple gesture is to be made to know if the latter can withstand the heat outside or not. It will be enough to put the back of the hand on the bitumen. If we can hold out for more than 5 seconds, then we can take the animal out. Otherwise, the bitumen is too hot and can burn the animal’s legs.

After this check has been made, it is still important to monitor the animal’s condition. Extreme heat can lead to:

  • burns to the dog’s pads,
  • heat stroke which can lead to loss of consciousness,
  • severe breathing problems, especially in flat-faced dogs,
  • skin cancer, seen particularly in dogs with white coats.

The vital prognosis of the animal can be engaged in certain sensitive cases. In no case should the high heat be neglected when you have a dog.

An effective technique to cool your dog: give him an ice cube

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There are many effective techniques for cooling your dog during periods of high heat. However, it is important to take precautions and not apply just any trick. There is in particular that which suggests give your dog an ice cube to cool him down. It is an interesting and effective initiative under certain conditions. This technique is not discouraged, however, it is imperative that the animal does not have dental problems. This technique can indeed break his teeth. The ice cube should also not be too hard.

Other wise advice for the comfort of our four-legged friend

comfort dog

Other tips may be more useful for the dog to feel good during high temperatures.

Keep the animal hydrated and moisten it regularly

hydrated and moisten dog

Water is undoubtedly the essential element to have on hand in case of high heat. It is important to keep the animal hydrated. Leaving a bowl of fresh, clean water within reach is a good idea.. In addition, moistening certain accessories such as a washcloth or a towel, which the dog can use, remains an excellent idea.

Choose the ideal times for walks

It is advisable to favor outings at reasonable times, when the temperatures are warmer. The morning, but also the evening, is recommended for outings with reduced risks. It is still advisable to check that the temperature is ideal for the animal.

Give refreshing treats

refreshing treats

Prepare refreshing treats for his four-legged friend is a good idea. Among the recipes not to hesitate to make, there is one that suggests mixing meat or fish with a good portion of cheese spread. The mixture will then be put in the freezer for 24 hours. It will then be ready to be tasted.

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