This Tesla owner is stuck on Christmas Eve because of the cold

As the US is hit hard by a winter storm, a Tesla Model S owner discovered a cold-related inconvenience. When he had to move on Christmas Eve, he discovered that his car had not charged its batteries due to freezing temperatures.

The owner in question reported his mishap in a TikTok video that has already garnered more than 10,000 comments to date. While his Tesla had spent several hours connected to a terminal, the man was surprised to find that it had not charged a single percent due to freezing temperatures.

The owner of this Model S then tried to charge it at home, but the car wouldn’t accept the charge. However, it seems that such cases are rare., with similar reports of Teslas not being widespread. That being said, vehicles from other brands are also sensitive to the cold.

Cold, the enemy of electric cars

It is now proven that electric cars do not like the cold. Very low temperatures negatively affect the range, but also the charging phase. Some car manufacturers, including Ford, have even had to release videos explaining to owners how to best optimize their cars’ range in cold weather.

Specifically, the cold can in some cases reduce the autonomy by more than 30%, as well as the charging speed. Earlier this year, there was talk of the Toyota bZ4X, when the brand raised the possibility that the model might not be able to use fast charging when the temperature drops below freezing.

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