this trading mistake is preventing you from getting rich!

Ethereum soon to be the new darling of crypto?

What if, after Bitcoin and meme coins, Ethereum became the new star of the crypto sector? This is a prediction shared by Van Eck, who confirms that the creation of Vitalik Buterin will experience a new record rating in 2023.

Among the network’s projects, certain very specific tokens could greatly benefit from the phenomenon!

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The next industry winners already announced?

Want to know the next crypto to get buzz? Binance launchpool is there for that and here is an opportunity to grab a unique token which will be launched for the very first time on the famous exchange.

To maximize the chances of the bull market, it is also important to know which sectors are most popular. One thing is certain: this beginning of the year already gives us a small idea.

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A trader makes a big mistake

We often tell you about traders who manage to turn a small handful of crypto into several million dollars, but not often enough about those who fail. The example we present to you today will probably make you think.

A trader who could have had the chance of a lifetime thanks to an investment made an analysis error that many of us make and that prevents us from reaching our goals.

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Ripple launches its own stablecoin

After causing a scandal with its XRP, the crypto project Ripple has just announced the upcoming launch of its stablecoin.

Source: Ripple X Account

If the initiative is intended to make people forget its recent setback, it stems from a strategy that is likely to make noise by the end of the year and shake up the entire competition.

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Moral of the story: in crypto, knowledge is power.


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