Thousands of Teslas hit by crash safety issue

Nearly 60,000 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 would be affected by a software bug preventing the emergency call from working. The German Federal Agency asks the brand to act.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

After announcing the layoff of 10,000 of its employees and while it is losing billions of dollars because of its factories, Tesla is experiencing new difficulties. Indeed, Reuters has just published a report detailing a new software bug, which could have a significant impact on security.

Indeed, according to the American agency announces that no less than 59,000 vehicles of the brand are affected by a technical failure. Just detected, this would prevent the driver to use the eCall emergency call system.

A global failure

As specified Reuters in his article, this technical problem would affect very precisely 59,129 vehicles in total, distributed all over the world. However, it would only be Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, while the other models in the range are not affected. Concretely, this malfunction would simply prevent the emergency call system from working and reaching the emergency services automatically after an accident.

If Tesla has not yet reacted, the German Federal Agency, la Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt asks the brand to organize a recall campaign in order to correct the problem. We imagine that it will be a simple remote update. The American firm is already in the crosshairs of the authorities, while a report by the American federal agency in charge of road safety, the NHTSA affirms that Tesla is at the top of the ranking of manufacturers having recorded the most accidents related to semi-autonomous driving.

Several reminders organized

This new case gives a new blow to Tesla, which has already had to organize no less than 11 recall campaigns since the beginning of the year, as our colleagues fromEngage. Three of them also concerned a software bug, which can therefore be recalled remotely, via an OTA update. The most recent, however, concerned a problem with the central screen overheating, on vehicles produced between 2021 and 2022.

A new blow for the brand, which has already announced an 18% drop in deliveries in the 2nd quarter, due in particular to the Covid-19 epidemic. That didn’t stop the Tesla Model 3 from being the world’s best-selling electric car in 2021, however.

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