Throw Elon Musk in the trash? An action made possible in… Cyberpunk 2077

Our protagonist, called V, will therefore meet a pop star, Lizzy Wizzy, who suspects her partner, Liam Northom, who we learn is her manager, of infidelity. V is thus tasked with seeing him for proof of his deception, and when he asks Lizzy why she doesn’t confront him directly, she replies, ” You know, we’re never alone, not really. Always surrounded by assistants, PR staff, make-up artists. I stop smiling at him for a millisecond, it will be over every scream sheet in this city… Millions of eyes, on you, constantly. »

As her investigation progresses, V will realize that Liam is not cheating on her, but has transferred a copy of the young woman’s personality to continue his career if the singer has an accident. ” Can you edit it to remove unwanted features? Since her conversion, she is no longer herself Liam asks himself to a third party.

Thus, you can give the recording of the conversation to Lizzy, and later in the game she will ask you to meet her at a motel. Liam is dead and she will ask you to throw the body in a trash can.

And what is the relationship with Elon Musk, will you tell us? The character of Lizzy Wizzy is interpreted by the singer Grimes, at the time in a relationship with Elon Musk, and whose rumors of infidelity by the latter caused a stir in the tabloid press. One can also push the vise by comparing Liam’s activities to Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, which works to design implants to control the human brain. We now dare to imagine what the developers of CD Projekt RED would have invented today, with a source of inspiration as prolific as Elon Musk in 2022.

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