Top 12 things you probably don’t know about Elon Musk, a guy as rich as he is unlikable

We often talk about him, not necessarily because it really makes us want to but because we have to recognize that he is very often in the news. In the end, do we really know him? No. That’s why we’re going to look at some aspects of this little guy.

1. He was a kid who bullied himself at school and read a lot

When he was a kid, Elon Musk was a head, he read almost five hours a day (and a priori he still does) and built a fairly huge culture. If he consumed a lot of comics and comic strips he also read specialized magazines and was very interested in technology. On the other hand, he was regularly pissed off at school by other students who were a little stupid, which is the origin-story of many superheroes or super-villains, which inspired us to prove that Elon Musk is a true supervillain.

2. He created a video game at age 12

While at twelve you were playing with your boogers in front of your poster of Britney Spears, Elon Musk was coding in his room to create a video game (Blastar) in which we fought in space. He managed to sell his product for $500 to a specialized magazine and already we could suspect that this kid would go far and be good at making money.

3. He inspired the character of Tony Stark in the movie “Iron Man”

When John Favreau wanted to adapt to the screen Iron Man he was looking for a way to make this geek character worn on the bottle “cool” and it was Robert Downey Jr who advised him to take inspiration from Elon Musk and talk to him. After a few meetings he decided to change the character from the comics by modeling him on Musk, and to thank him he even made him appear in a cameo in Iron Man 2.

4. He didn’t create Tesla…

Musk has done a lot of things in his life and generally we tend to believe that creating You’re here was one of them. But no, the two creators are Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who brought Elon Musk in the direction of the box a year after its creation in 2004 before he became CEO of the company a few years later. Must say that he did not come to Tesla alone but with 6.35 million of his friends (dollars).

5. …and almost sold the company to Google

Google likes to buy stuff, and You’re here eyed the company. In 2013, ten years after his arrival in the Elon Musk box, he almost sold it for a nice six billion dollar jackpot. Then Tesla car sales started to explode and the deal was canceled at the last moment, seven years later the company was valued at 100 billion dollars, it’s going very fast.

6. He sold his first box for $307 million.

Before all his other adventures in tech Elon Musk had created the company Zip2 at the age of 24 and had sold it a few years later for a considerable sum. He had started studying at Stanford before giving up after two days to create his company and we have to believe that he succeeded, because 307 million dollars is nice. He could have stopped there and given up on his life, but he had other plans. Mainly making even more dough, which is a nice project.

7. He created a special school for his kids

Being the father of eight children, Elon Musk created a special school within the SpaceX companion. Some children of other employees are also educated there and there are about fifty students. They have special classes that “push the boundaries of normal schools” and work as a team on projects in math, physics, technology, and a host of other subjects. Ah, the rich, they still have more chances than us.

8. He’s really not nice to his employees.

You could say to yourself from the beginning of the top “nah but the author is too much of a fan of Musk when he’s a bastard” and I’ll answer that: no, I’m not a fan and yes, he’s a motherfucker since he quickly twisted. Many rather comical stories tarnish the reputation of the billionaire as a business leader. Between his false authorization to telecommute during the pandemic, the number of covid-19 cases which skyrocketed in the Tesla factory and the history of unfair dismissals of several unionized employees, he does not deserve the palm of the management.

9. He bought himself a James Bond vehicle for $1 million.

Don’t forget that behind the completely handsome billionaire hides a pop culture geek, so he tends to do a little strange things to please himself. So he spent a million dollars to acquire the Underwater Lotus Spirit from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me only for decorative purposes since it does not really roll. However he has already said that he wanted to work on the prototype to make it a real underwater car.

10. He wishes we had chips in the brain

His company Neuralink works on electronic implants that can be integrated into the brain. Thanks to this shit we might be able to do all sorts of things with our minds, as shown in the video of a monkey playing a video game. pong without touching the controller. Of course there would be no repercussions, intrusions or unexpected twists to this project and we would all do well to accept no questions asked.

11. He is or has been the head of a lot of companies

We were talking about the box Zip2 just now but at the time his company xcom had also been bought out to become PayPal. In addition to You’re here and SpaceX Elon Musk is super busy since he also directs The Boring Company (his company to dig tunnels and take us underground), helped launch SolarCity (a solar energy company), Open AI (which deals with artificial intelligence) and quite a few other companies where he is a shareholder or on the board of directors. Oh yes and there is Twitter now too. And Neuralink of which we have just spoken.

12. He sent his personal Tesla car into space.

Because ultimately why not. If I tell you that I can have your car sent into space, what would you say? That you don’t see any use in it, actually. But he did it anyway in 2017 by sending with his company SpaceX a rocket in space in which was its Tesla Roadster. It’s still there, floating somewhere.


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