Toulouse: did the security guards at La Voile Blanche restaurant beat up a customer?

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Kévin, a computer engineer, claims to have been beaten up by five employees of La Voile Blanche, a trendy restaurant in Toulouse. The management of the establishment delivers a whole version, with the support of extracts from video surveillance…

Kevin is shaking. He looks out of the corner of his eye for the support of his companion who has come to help him testify. This computer engineer claims to have been beaten up by five security guards from the Voile Blanche, a restaurant-discotheque well known to Toulouse residents. “To prevent this from happening to others”, he decided to file a complaint against these five men and to publicize the case.

This 30-year-old, with the look of a heavy metal fan, long hair, tattoos on his arms and full beard took part in a company evening within the establishment on the night of June 30 to July 1. Around 1 a.m., he had a run-in with restaurant security guards.

He claims to have been blocked by these individuals for a long time and beaten up. What the management of the establishment vigorously contests. “Our security guards have never hit this person! I have viewed the CCTV recordings and it is clear that the agents are simply trying to control a totally overexcited boy”, assures Jean-François Gonzalez, the manager of the establishment.

“The officers are simply trying to subdue an overexcited boy”

For Kévin, the restaurant manager confabulates: “He positions himself with 45 seconds of video as proof. My ordeal lasted more than 40 minutes! When they (the security guards, editor’s note) dare to claim that they did not hit me, this saddens me. At the end of the evening, a colleague walked me home, I would have been unable to return alone. I had only my pants in good condition, my shirt was in tatters, my waistcoat and my tie had been ripped off. I still didn’t do this to myself.”

Reached by telephone, one of the agents referred to in Kevin’s complaint, claims to have only taken this young man out of the establishment: “He was running everywhere. He was impossible to manage. I lifted him up to get him out, I I was waiting for a headbutt… that’s when he bit my forehead! It was the first time anyone had done that to me. He was clenching his jaw and showing his gums when we tried to reason with him. . For me, it’s safe and I say that because I’m used to the night world, he had taken something. His strength was increased tenfold.”

Kevin admits having had “four or five glasses” but denies having taken drugs: “My medical history prohibits me from taking this kind of substance. I knew that they would try to put it on the table. From the morning that followed the assault, I went to a lab and did a urine test to prove that I hadn’t taken anything.”

“I thought I was going to pass”

Since that evening, Kevin has struggled to recover all of his cognitive abilities: “They kicked me in the shoulders and neck when I was on the ground. Since then, I’ve had nagging migraines that prevent me from concentrating. I also have great difficulty falling asleep. I am traumatized, I keep reliving this moment of nightmare. I was in survival mode. Frankly, at one point, I I thought I was going to pass.”

Ten days after the events, the 30-something has still not returned to work: “I was stopped by my doctor. For the moment, I do not yet feel able to work again.”

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