TPMP: Delphine Wespiser wants to remove all animals from Fort Boyard!

In a recent interview for Femmes de télé, Delphine Wespiser (TPMP) broached the subject of animals in Fort Boyard.

Recently interviewed for the podcast tv women, Delphine Wespiser (TPMP) addressed a subject that is particularly close to her heart. Namely, animals. The former beauty queen intends to remove all the animals present in Fort Boyard. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP: Delphine Wespiser’s fight

It’s official ! TPMP columnists are on vacation. And the least we can say is that Delphine Wespiser has well deserved her summer vacation.

Indeed, the year has not been easy for the former beauty queen. Especially since the controversy over his support for Marine Le Pen.

Words that had earned him his estrangement from TPMP. Fortunately, the pretty brunette ended up coming back. And this, without having learned a good lesson.

If she does not regret what she may have said, she now believes that she will no longer open her heart so easily. Either way, life goes on.

And it’s a whole other fight in which the young woman is now launched. Its goal ? Defend the animal cause. A cause she has fought against for years.

Recently guest on the podcast tv womenRoger’s companion then explained that she was ready to do anything to have all the animals of Fort Boyard.

“The great gift for me is that this year there are no more tigers. I’m so happy, I’ve been begging for this for years. I think that we are all the more open to animal protection and the production has really heard this need that the French have to move towards something more ethical for animals “explained the flagship columnist of TPMP.

And to continue: “Although the tigers are well treated by the animal keepers, there is no problem, I think it is not the environment and the ideal place to spend months. I think it’s good like that, they stay as a symbol“. MCE TV tells you more!

TPMP: Delphine Wespiser wants to remove all animals from Fort Boyard!

Fort Boyard gives up its tigers

However, if the TPMP star seems delighted to no longer see the tigers inside the Fort, she is not done with the show. “I think this is the first step. » she then added.

“The tiger is a cute animal, it’s a mammal, little by little, we will move towards animals that are a little less graceful… A little less popular with the general public. I don’t think animals are meant to be played with. They are not toys”.

However, if Delphine Wespiser (TPMP) is against the exploitation of beasts, his character in the game often appears in the company of a snake.

tv woman therefore calls into question the vision of Miss France 2012. To which she responds as follows: I take good care of my snake ! But even despite everything, yes it’s very pretty but maybe the snake prefers to enjoy its life with other snakes in a huge vivarium or in the wild…”

“I don’t know! Ethically, I don’t like the principle of playing with or using. I think that little by little things will change. The fight is not over yet for the TPMP star.

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