TradingView integrates Binance services for cryptocurrency trading

Binance Spot Trading now available on TradingView

TradingView, the famous chart analysis platform, now integrates Binance services for cryptocurrency trading :

This news only relates to spot trading at the moment.

The whole point of such an integration is to be able to benefit from a more customizable working environment than the various cryptocurrency exchanges can be. This thus allows for trade the various Binance pairs while staying on TradingView.

When the two accounts are connected, the TradingView interface accurately highlights the platform pairs in the search tool:

Figure 1 — Binance spot trading pairs on TradingView

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How do you connect your Binance account to TradingView?

To connect the two services, it’s a matter of walking find Binance in the list of available platforms at the very bottom of the chart in the “Trading Panel” area:

Figure 2 — Adding Binance to TradingView

This action will then send you back to the exchange to approve its connection with TradingView:

Figure 3 — Allow connection between Binance and TradingView

Once the connection is established, it will then be possible place orders directly from their chart, using the appropriate buttons. Different types of orders are available for buying or selling, such as market orders, limit orders or stop limit orders:

Figure 4 — Order placement on TradingView

Of course you have to make sure to have the necessary funds in their spot account to be able to program orders on TradingView. Following this same logic, there will also be some provisions to be considered for the security of its assets.

Indeed, once the link is made, even if it is not possible to withdraw money from TradingView, some bugs could theoretically allow a malicious third party to make trades on behalf of the account owner. A problem of this order, for example, was highlighted a few months ago, which allowed for market manipulation.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is therefore best not to store cryptocurrencies in your spot account after trading sessions, and/or to disconnect from TradingView.

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Source: TradingView

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