Twitter: Elon Musk suggests reinstating suspended accounts – Image

Elon Musk launched a new poll on Wednesday about reinstating suspended Twitter accounts, after his latest poll led him to welcome Donald Trump back to the platform. “Should Twitter offer a blanket amnesty to suspended accounts, as long as they haven’t broken the law or spammed outrageously? Yes/No,” he asked.

Two hours later, more than a million accounts had already spoken, largely in favor of “yes”. The new owner and CEO of Twitter has already rehabilitated on Saturday the account of former US President Donald Trump, banned from the social network after the storming of the Capitol in Washington in January 2021. “The people have spoken. Trump will be restored”, he had tweeted after 15 million accounts responded to his poll on the return of the Republican multi-billionaire, including 51.8% in favor of “yes”. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has explained on many occasions that he bought Twitter because he considers the platform to be the “digital public square” essential to democracy in the world. He believes that content moderation is too restrictive and undermines freedom of expression. This vision raises fears of a surge of abuse (misinformation, hate speech) on the social network. Many brands have already suspended ad spending, which Twitter is 90% dependent on for revenue.

The entrepreneur with libertarian ideas first tried to appease them, promising in particular not to take any decision on the reinstatement of banned accounts before the creation of a “content moderation council with very diverse points of view”. “A broad coalition of social and political activists agreed not to try to kill Twitter by draining our ad revenue on this condition,” he tweeted on Tuesday. But “they broke the agreement”, he added, as a justification for the reinstatement of the accounts of several personalities ousted from the platform for having broken its rules. Elon Musk is widely criticized for his decisions at the helm of Twitter, from mass layoffs to the chaotic launch of new features. He dismisses criticism several times a day on his account with 118 million subscribers with memes, emoticons, provocations, personal attacks and pirouettes. “Over time, as we work our way to the truth, Twitter will gain people’s trust,” he tweeted on Wednesday, for example.

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