Twitter: Elon Musk worries Europe

The management of Twitter by the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk seems to worry more than one, including in particular giants like Europe. Explanations.

Obviously Europe is worried following the takeover of the social network Twitter by Elon Musk, boss of Tesla. This comes in particular following the massive dismissal of half of the employees of the company, and this in particular within key roles which have what to raise some questions.

Europe doesn’t mess with Twitter

It’s mostly because of the departure of many Twitter executives in divisions like privacy and security that have Europe fearing a lack of GDPR compliance from the company to the bird. blue. It was against this tumultuous backdrop that the Irish Data Protection Commission, which oversees the privacy of some large companies, held a meeting to discuss next steps with Twitter staff in Dublin.

The GDPR has strengthened European surveillance bodies such as the Irish Commission, which can therefore impose heavy fines in the event of an infringement. This can be up to 4% of a company’s annual turnover. Europe is not alone in watching what Elon Musk is doing with Twitter since the USA with the Federal Trade Commission also explain that they have serious concerns about this takeover and this new management.

In short, Twitter is closely watched by many countries and the actions of Elon Musk are watched to know his next maneuver in what seems to be an interesting game of chess between a multinational and nations.

What do you think of the management of the company by the billionaire?

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