Twitter is suing Elon Musk to force him into a takeover

Twitter launched lawsuits on Tuesday against Elon Musk to force the boss of Tesla to keep his commitment to buy the social network according to the terms agreed at the end of April, which valued the Californian group at $44 billionaccording to a document consulted by AFP.

A judge from a court specializing in business law, in the state of Delaware (eastern United States), will therefore have to determine whether or not the multi-billionaire can terminate the acquisition agreement which provides Billion dollar severance pay.

“Bad Faith”

Elon Musk’s exit strategy is a model of hypocrisy and a model of bad faith
say the lawyers of the platform. He claimed to ‘suspend’ the deal pending fulfillment of imaginary conditions, failed in his obligation to find financing […]violated its duty of discretion and used confidential information for bad purposes. »

Mr. Musk”
did not use the means necessary to carry out the acquisition
“, they add, after two months of often aggressive exchanges between the buyer and the leaders of the coveted company.

“Damage Twitter”

To justify the unilateral decision to terminate the agreement, Elon Musk’s lawyers assured Friday that Twitter had not provided all the information requested on inauthentic accounts active on the network and had minimized the number of spam messages.

But for the blue bird,
Musk’s behavior simply confirms that he wanted to get out of a contract he signed freely, and hurt Twitter at the same time

On Friday, the chairman of the board of directors (CA) of the platform, Bret Taylor, had warned that the CA was “
determined to complete the transaction at the agreed price and terms
and intended to prevail in court.

The whimsical entrepreneur took a stake in Twitter at the start of the year, before announcing his intention to buy the platform, which he considers too “
in the interests of democracy.

He has since multiplied attacks and mockery against the network, on which he has more than 100 million subscribers.

Twitter has suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable damage from the breaches ” of Elon Musk, assert the lawyers of the company based in San Francisco.


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