Twitter: Takeover of Elon Musk, harassment… Will Twitch streamers flee the platform?

news culture Twitter: Takeover of Elon Musk, harassment… Will Twitch streamers flee the platform?

Everyone is freaking out on Twitter. Elon Musk has bought the social network and intends to change its rules. So much so that some are already thinking of looking for an alternative. A trend that could well reach your favorite streamers. So will go or not go? What are Twitch streamers going to do?

Panic on Twitter following the takeover of Elon Musk

The Elon Musk/Twitter saga has been on the web for a few months. Claiming that the platform does not sufficiently respect freedom of expression, he embarks on a crazy enterprise: to buy the social network. In January 2022, he therefore begins to acquire shares, until becoming, in March, the main shareholder of the box. But this is not enough for the businessman. In April, he made a buyout proposal amounting to 43 billion dollars (or 54.20 dollars per share). This is where the real adventures begin. Elon suspends and then waives the buyout. In response, Twitter decides to sue the entrepreneur. Turnaround: Elon Musk finally bought the network from the bird on October 27, 2022. “The bird has been released” he announced on his Twitter account. And the least we can say is that the change of direction did not go unnoticed.

Dismissal of a good part of the payroll, absurd rules, intense crunch, suspended accounts, paid certification… Twitter has only been in the hands of Elon Musk for a few days and yet there are many reasons to be angry. So many network users have expressed their concern. Journalists, actors, writers… Many have spoken on the subject and some, like Whoopi Goldberg, have even already announced their desire to leave the social network. And this wind of panic is also blowing over France. If the European Commissioner Thierry Breton wanted to remind that Twitter will have to respect the European rules, this does not answer all the problems posed. So many are those who do not exclude a departure from Twitter, despite the importance of the platform for their activities. And if there is one sector where social networks are essential, it is that of influence and content creation. What legitimately wonder if your favorite streamers will also leave Twitter. Well know that nothing is less certain.

Twitch says bye bye Twitter?

Some streamers have already spoken out about the prospect of Elon Musk taking over Twitter. And whether it’s Zerator or Antoine Daniel, they didn’t seem too keen on the idea. If the second troll regularly calling him the “Real Tony Stark”the former reacted in particular to paid certification. Overall, French streamers don’t seem too thrilled at the idea of ​​seeing the businessman realize his dreams of changing the face of Twitter. Just take a look at the retweet and others fav streamers such as Mister MV to suspect that they don’t really approve of the situation. If on the American side, Asmongold has openly stated that he is in favor of changing the direction of Twitter, this position obviously does not find a taker with us (at least publicly).

Twitter: Takeover of Elon Musk, harassment… Will Twitch streamers flee the platform?

Some French streamers have even already announced their desire to move away from Twitter, but this is not really related to the changes imposed by Elon Musk. A few days ago Antoine Daniel thus expressed live his desire to abandon the network to the bird in order to “gain sanity points”. The many controversies and waves of harassment having launched on Twitter lately have deeply tired him. And the quest for “freedom of speech” that the businessman intends to carry out may not help matters.

I’m starting to make arrangements to deactivate Twitter, that’s it, I’ve decided. In fact, I’m too addicted to Twitter, I read too much. And even if I delete the stuff, I will always find a way to go see. So the only way for me to escape all this is to delete my account. (…) There are too many sons of bitches. It’s tiring and I can’t discipline myself because even though I delete the app from the phone, after a while I’m going to reinstall it.

Antoine Daniel live

In another register, it was Sardoche who announced that he was leaving the platform aside. If he does not plan to deactivate his account, he will stop “arguing and sharing his projects” on Twitter to focus on Instagram (a platform also mentioned by Antoine Daniel). The context here is very different because the streamer is precisely known for having launched controversies of all kinds on Twitter. Without forgetting that he is at the heart of a case that changes a lot of things.

Twitter: Takeover of Elon Musk, harassment… Will Twitch streamers flee the platform?

As for the others, no big announcements to note. On the other hand, we feel a general fatigue of many people concerning Twitter and the sometimes insane controversies which animate it. Mister MV, for example, admitted to having already hesitated to close his account. If JDG has not done the same, we suspect that the recent controversy about him from an old clip has had enough to tire him of this kind of platform. It is indeed on Twitter, that this story has gained momentum, just as it was on Twitter that his remarks concerning the series Rings of Power had been taken up and sometimes diverted to fuel another controversy a few months ago. A wave of departures to signify a fed up or to flee the massive harassment that Twitter can cause is therefore not to be excluded. Especially since if Antoine Daniel really closes his account, his colleagues and friends could well take the opportunity to follow him. But it’s not that simple…

Sometimes I hesitate to kill the account or file it with a CM, but it’s good to communicate your views from time to time. If we accept “influence” to sell games, products or request subscriptions, might as well assume it for our convictions as well? My two cents…

Mister MV on Twitter

The problem, as we have said, is that Twitter is an important tool in this kind of business. As Antoine Daniel mentioned, many sponsors involve tweeting before going live. To leave, it is therefore necessary to find another social network, functioning like Twitter and allowing to reach at least as many people. In the end, it’s the same problem that prevents some streamers from leaving Twitch despite the new disadvantageous rules of the platform: the lack of alternatives. But some claim to have already found the network that could replace Twitter: Mastodon.

Mastodon: the miracle solution?

What is Mastodon? It is a social network created in 2016 by the young Eugen Rochko and having a small elephant as its logo. And the least we can say is that he looks like Twitter. So when the first changes appeared on the bird network, many turned to the elephant as an alternative. In one week, no less than 230,000 people have created a Mastodon account. With its open-source code and the absence of advertising and the algorithm, the network seduces. And imagine that Antoine Daniel had fallen for this network long before all that, since his Mastodon account has existed for several years now.

Twitter: Takeover of Elon Musk, harassment… Will Twitch streamers flee the platform?

But while a few smaller streamers have already expressed their willingness to try migrating to Mastodon, few big ones have been tempted so far. And that’s not really surprising. The German social network may welcome more and more people, but it does not reach as many people as the giant Twitter, which is much more popular. For sponsors but also communication with their community, this can be a real concern for streamers. Moreover, it is not free from any defect. So certainly, according to the feedback Mastodon is a network more open to discussion and less focused on controversy at all costs, but according to others it would also be not very accessible and intuitive, not very secure and not yet developed ( especially for everything related to trends and discoveries). These flaws may prove to be far too disabling for Mastodon to compete with Twitter. Will this become possible in the near future? Nothing is less sure…

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