Twitter, Tesla, governance: the dictatorship of the polls

Written 19 Dec 2022 at 19:24Updated 19 Dec. 2022 at 19.30

Mitterrand had wondered one day what opinion polls on Munich in 1938, on the armistice in 1940 and on P├ętain in 1942 after the end of the free zone would have delivered as a result. Forty years later, Elon Musk is asking the world about any problem with the purchase of his own institute, Twitter, for $44 billion. But these simulacra of direct democracy did little to advance him. They may have realized investors’ worst nightmare, and it’s contaminating Tesla.

Although the automaker fell below $500 billion in market value for the first time in two years, the billionaire’s latest hearing on his continued leadership of Twitter, which was rejected by a majority, was a step toward the dream result. of its shareholders: see the engineer’s focus on the electric car.

Labor rights and competition in the search engine

But the good news was overshadowed by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s letter to the Austin company’s board.

Many questions from the Massachusetts elected official about governance, handling conflicts of interest and Elon Musk’s use of Tesla employees to correct Twitter have already been asked by leaders.

But those about respect for labor rights and competition bring Tesla closer to the whirlwind of controversy that has scared away Twitter advertisers. The “Musk premium” on Ferrari at the start of the year (145% in terms of multiples) has become a discount (13%). Or how to discover the other side of the polls’ dictatorship…

To note

Almost 57.5% of the 17.5 million “voters” said “no” to keeping Elon Musk as Twitter boss.

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