Twitter: why Elon Musk is a “has been” boss

Erratic decisions, leadership methods deemed “prehistoric”, the billionaire seems to have lost control, against the grain of his image as a visionary. To the point of breaking the wings of Twitter?

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Head of the Multimedia department

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It must be believed that chaos is firmly part of Twitter’s corporate culture. Unlike Facebook, invariably piloted by Mark Zuckerberg for more than fifteen years, the social network has twirled between six bosses, four chairmen of the board of directors, power crises, strategic mistakes, impulsive takeovers… Seen as that, the arrival of Elon Musk could almost have passed for a salutary relief. Both boss and shareholder, he is now the sole master on board. Freed from the pressures of Wall Street, the company could even, paradoxically, caress the hope of a more stable governance. Missed. It should obviously not be forgotten that the billionaire is anything but a fan of hovering. Evidenced by its multiple volte-face on the very idea of ​​buying Twitter.

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