two new official tracks announce the upcoming arrival of Robotaxi

After being confirmed half word, the future Tesla is even more affordable than the Model 3 was once again mentioned by Elon Musk and the head of design at Tesla. This future electric car will likely share its underside with the company’s robot axis, but shouldn’t carry the Model 2 name.

Tesla terminal connected to a Fiat 500

With its Model S, X, 3 and Y, we might think Tesla’s lineup is now complete. Especially since the company is also preparing the launch of its Roadster and its Cybertruck, both planned for next year. Not to mention the Semi, whose first deliveries began a few days ago.

But the brand does not intend to stop there and would work on the launch of a new model, which should not see the light of day immediately.

A new track

If Model Y and Model 3 have made it possible to democratize the brand with a range that starts respectively from 49,990 and 53,490 euros, Elon Musk has been talking for many years about an even cheaper model coming. But until now, little information about it has been revealed, while the launch has always been highly hypothetical.

But last September, an executive of the American brand based in Texas half-heartedly confirmed the launch of this new alternative. The latter took advantage of a conference organized in San Francisco for investors to confirm that Tesla needed an even more affordable offer.

If Tesla did not want to give further details, the key presentation of electric trucks held a few days ago in Nevada was an opportunity for the brand to communicate on this topic. During the conference broadcast on YouTube, Elon Musk actually presented an image that illustrates the manufacturer’s selection. Then the Model S, X, 3 and Y, the Semi and the Cybertruck as well as the Robotaxi were still camouflaged.

The latter, which has already been announced by the head of the brand, should be officially revealed next year and will be characterized by its very attractive price. 100% autonomous, it will then compete with Baidu’s Apollo RT6 and the autonomous taxi designed by Waymo and Zeekr shown a few days ago in the form of a concept.

An accessible compact

But that’s not all. In a video published by the American channel CNBC, the designer responsible for the Tesla Cybertruck, Franz von Holzhausen, has also given in to a few confidences. When asked which model he preferred to draw, the latter simply replied ” the one who comes“, and adds that he cannot comment on it at the moment.

It should therefore be Robotaxi, which should share its technical base with the brand’s future affordable compact. This platform would then be completely new and has not yet revealed its secrets. Therefore, it is not yet known what batteries will be installed on it, but it may be that this hypothetical Model 2 (which may not bear this name) is equipped with new cells.

Some rumors announce that this future car will abandon the pedals and steering wheel to offer only 100% autonomous driving. But it’s hard to see how this could happen in the next few years, as Tesla’s FSD (Full Self Driving) is still at level 2 of autonomous driving, even though it’s technically capable of more.

It should be the 4680, which is slowly starting to be installed in the brand’s vehicles. Cheaper to produce and capable of storing more energy, they should be key to the affordability of the compact and Robotaxi, whose journey would cost 18 cents per mile (about 1.6 kilometers).

These should make it possible to reduce the size of the package installed in the car, thus helping it to show an affordable price. In fact, if the production costs of accumulators have fallen sharply in recent years, from 1,200 dollars per kWh in 2010 to 132 dollars currently, large batteries are still very expensive. This also pushes the head of Renault to advertise small batteries.

However, we’ll have to wait until we know more about this autonomous robot axis and the compact that will result from it, while the brand doesn’t seem ready to say too much about them yet…

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