Two restaurants to take off to Japan or Italy in a few dishes

The Meadow Bar

It is not only a bar for lovers of whiskeys or cocktails, but a long restaurant in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with its exposed piping, its wicker lamps, its long Giallo Reale marble bar and its benches with peacock feathers: the Bar des Près is a welcome creation by Cyril Lignac, a chef and owner who knows how to handle knives and vary the dishes, always with a constant gluttony.

The Bar des Prés is a long restaurant from the VIe Parisian district. | Yann Deret

Next to a selection of sushi by the piece – with bluefin tuna (8 euros), lacquered eel (9 euros), Label rouge salmon (7 euros), scallops (8 euros) – and the assortment of six sushi (37 euros), here is a range of six sashimi (28 euros) served with white rice (10 euros), cooked rice (12 euros) or a tartare of wakame seaweed and sesame (10 euros).

The assortment of six sushi from the Bar des Près. | Geraldine Martens

Also on offer are eight pieces of California rolls: half-cooked tuna, avocado, nori, yuzu-soya sauce, Korean pepper (29 euros); the yellowtail, romaine and straw potatoes, soy sauce, sesame (27 euros); the Label rouge salmon, avocado, jalapenõ, sriracha (27 euros); and the spring roll, Obsiblue shrimp with vegetables, mango and mint (28 euros). Or six pieces of maki, including the spicy tuna tartare (17 euros).

California with half-cooked tuna, avocado, nori, yuzu-soya sauce and Korean pepper. | Geraldine Martens

All this is fresh, delicate and made with love. Yes, Cyril Lignac is an ace of Japanese cuisine, a pioneer of amazing skill.

Cyril Lignac offers a demonstration of his astounding creativity. | Jerome Galland

To share:

  • Green asparagus caramelized with miso, sesame vinaigrette (25 euros)
  • Salad of baby spinach, yuzu, truffle, miso, dried bonito (20 euros)
  • The crunchy galette, Madras curry cake, avocado (28 euros)

The crunchy galette, Madras curry cake and avocado. | John Carey

  • Salmon marinated in yuzu and soy tartare, crispy radishes (24 euros)
  • Sliced ​​octopus marinated in jalapeño, coriander (22 euros)
  • Half-cooked tuna chutoro, grilled sesame, ginger (25 euros)
  • Yellowtail marinated in yuzu, passion fruit, avocado (25 euros)

The desserts

  • Chouquettes, vanilla whipped cream, chocolate sauce (14 euros)
  • Costa Rican pineapple, aloe vera and yuzu sorbet (14 euros)
  • Japanese pearls with coconut milk and strawberries (16 euros)
  • Chiffon cake with matcha tea and Guanaja chocolate (14 euros)
  • Traditional frozen mochis (14 euros)

What talent in the juxtaposition of products and the quest for flavors for each plate: Madras curry, dried bonito, passion fruit, ginger… A recital of perfumes, tastes, flavors that will thrill you.

This is a demonstration of the amazing creativity of the Aveyron chef. The restaurant is full for both meals. Alas, the Michelin ignores this kind of creative, exotic and tasty cuisine. The Bar, which is not one, certainly deserves the star.

A range of cocktails including Tokyo Garden, Prima Pisco, Red Lips, Shibuya Martini, Cosmocat, Paloma Popy, Scandal, Victoria Mule, Margarithaï, Germanopratin, Préspritz and Ginger Smash (from 16 to 29 euros).

The Tokyo Garden cocktail (Tanqueray gin, shizo, sake, yuzu, lychee juice). | Geraldine Martens

25, rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris. Tel.: 01 43 25 87 67. Card from 40 to 70 euros. No closure.

Le Bar des Prés is also in London: 16 Albermarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4HW. Tel.: +44 (0)203 908 2000. No closing time.

The Giuse restaurant

Neapolitan investors, experts in kitchen italianahave installed a quality trattoria a stone’s throw from the Saint-Philippe-du-Roule church: one hundred gourmets per service, in a good mood, attend the waltz of dishes from the mom and chefs from La Botte with undeniable know-how. For sure, the Giuse is an establishment worth the trip.

Vittorio Beltramelli is one of the most talented chefs in Paris. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

Vittorio Beltramelli, who runs the kitchens at Giusé, is one of the most talented chefs in the capital. This pure Milanese has a fine career: after having opened a restaurant with Gualtiero Marchesi (the first three-star in Italy), then officiated at the NoLita, of the Mancuso family (permanently closed), he worked for five years at the Il Cortile restaurant in Italy. Hotel Castille.

Antipasti and primi from 14 euros:

  • Potato croquettes with parmesan and ham, parmesan fondue with black summer truffles (14 euros)

Potato croquettes with parmesan and ham. | Giusé Trattoria – Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • The delicious Niçoise salad with red onions, egg, green beans and olives (16 euros)
  • Veal and beef meatballs with tomato as the nonna (25 euros)

Veal and beef meatballs nonna. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • Sauteed mussels and clams (18 euros)
  • Vitello tonnato (16 euros)

Vitello tonnato. |

  • Risotto arancini with saffron and fine veal stew (14 euros)
  • Eggplant gratin (14 euros)
  • Spaghetti alle vongole (32 euros)

The spaghetti alle vongole. |

  • Label rouge salmon carpaccio (21 euros)
  • Rock octopus salad (18 euros)
  • Sardine fillets marinated in olive oil, organic lemon, parsley, bread toasted with butter (12 euros)

Sardine fillets marinated in olive oil. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • Beef tenderloin carpaccio, Cipriani sauce, parmesan shavings, a nice preparation (29 euros)
  • … and an assortment of delicatessen from Maison Rovagnati from 13 euros.


  • Homemade tagliolini with tomatoes, basil and stracciatella (16 euros)
  • Potato gnocchi, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil (21 euros)
  • Mezzi rigatoni with tomato sauce, candied onions, pancetta and pecorino (18 euros)
  • Carnaroli rice with lemon and Stracchino cheese (25 euros)
  • Lasagna with veal ragout, sauce and parmesan crisps (23 euros)
  • Verini smoked spaghetti with clams and roasted tomatoes (32 euros)
  • Fettucine with candied onions, parmesan and black truffle (28 euros)
  • Linguine with squid ink, squid and spicy sausage (26 euros)

Cuttlefish ink linguine. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • Spelled rigatoni, tuna belly, tomatoes, red onions, olives and capers (29 euros)

To share:

  • Orecchia di elefante, very very fine breaded veal chop, pan-fried elephant ear style, arugula and cherry tomatoes (49 euros for two)

The orecchia di elephant. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

Neapolitan pizzas:

  • The white Nolita: fior di latte, yellow Datterini tomatoes, spicy salami and jalapenõ pepper (19 euros)
  • La Margherita DOP: tomato sauce, fior di latte and basil (12 euros)
  • La Romana: tomato sauce, mozzarella di Bufala, anchovies from Cetara, capers and taggiasche olives (17 euros)

Roman pizza. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • The Calabrese: tomato sauce, fior di latte, spicy sausage and red onions from Tropea (15 euros)
  • La Parigina: tomato sauce, fior di latte, Rovagnati cooked ham and mushrooms (15 euros)

At the Giusé restaurant, the Parigina pizza | Giusé Trattoria – Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • La Formaggi: tomato sauce and four cheeses, fior di latte, caciocavallo, gorgonzola, parmesan (15 euros)
  • La Zucca: fior di latte, pumpkin cream, pancetta and pecorino romano (16 euros)
  • La Giuseppe: tomato sauce, tuna belly, taggiasche olives, capers and red onions (18 euros)
  • La Salmone: fior di latte, yellow Datterini tomatoes, red onions and smoked salmon from the Nordic House (23 euros)
  • La Parma: tomato sauce, fior di latte and Parma ham (21 euros)
  • La Tartufo: fior di latte, fontina, black summer truffle (29 euros)

Tartufo pizza. | Giusé Trattoria – Le Saint-Honoré SAS

  • La Patatina: fior di latte, fries (yes!), cooked ham, parmesan and truffle sauce (23 euros)

Patatina pizza. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

Some desserts to share (or not):

  • The small tart with two chocolates, white chocolate ice cream (14 euros)
  • Profiteroles with cappuccino cream, hot chocolate sauce (14 euros)
  • Fior di latte ice cream by the minute (25 euros)
  • Rum baba, homemade whipped cream (29 euros
  • The perfect vanilla ice cream coated with Italian meringue, red fruit coulis (35 euros)

Panna cotta and tiramisu. |

Lunch menu at 23 euros: choice of pizza and pasta, dessert (tiramisu, panna cotta…).

Wines by the glass: from 8 euros.

Two chefs, present at the restaurant, sign this set of dishes: Vittorio Beltramelli, assisted by Gregory Mancuso for the pizzas. The pastries are made by Alejandra Beltramelli.

The Giusé restaurant, a trattoria that takes you on a journey to Italy. | Giusé Trattoria–Le Saint-Honoré SAS

125, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris. Tel.: 01 44 07 38 23. Possibility to order online. No closure.

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