U Levante accuses, the boatmen fight back

Contacted, a boatman frequenting the Scandola nature reserve believes that the findings made in this report are totally false. “You have to ask the right questions. If the Ospreys repelled by the noise of boats, so why are new nests built close to premises where there is the most traffic for 7, 8 years?How do you explain that in 1975 there were only three couples left when there were fewer tourists and almost no boats to scandula ? Why the nests bearing young are those where there are the most dating boats and nests where there are no passing boats are busy, but do not necessarily have more births? »asks the man.

Recently, the boatman traveled to Mexico. Over there, the ospreys saidPandion Haliaetus » set up their nests on the roofs of restaurants. ” That of gulf de Porto genetically different? Its Latin name must ebe Pandion Haliaetus phobus turisticus levantus. He is allergic to all tourist activities”quips the professional of the sea.

According to the boatmen, the bird is a pretext to prevent frequentation of this place. In front of the prefectural decree, the man remains speechless. “We know that the birds left the nest in August. Why prevent us from missing an empty nest? It’s hypocrisy without name », he protests.

Indeed, according to information gathered by the U Levante association, in leave of the first week of July, the chicks of the Osprey are old enough to attempt to make beatswing in order to develop the muscles involved in flight and launch so at that time.

For tourism professionals, the decree will not prevent boaters from approaching the nests. However, yachting would represent 85% of traffic in the nature reserve of scandula.


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