Unable to change her name on Twitter, Doja Cat tackles Elon Musk in style

Last week, Doja Cat found herself in serious trouble when she realized she couldn’t change her display name on Twitter anymore. Yes, the singer was called “Christmas celebrations”, and she feared being condemned to keep this pseudonym until the end of her days.

“Why can’t I change my name here. How do I change it? she asked herself. worried on the network at the blue bird. “By the way, fuck you Elon,” she added.

Desperate, Doja Cat finally decided to be more polite with the new boss of Twitter: “I don’t want to be called Christmas parties forever @elonmusk. Please help me, I made a mistake”.

And the entrepreneur was quick to respond.

A bad decision

” We are working on it ! “, reacted Elon Musk, while the technical problem was solved a few hours later; which allowed Doja Cat to to give the nickname of his dreams: “fart”, which means “fart”.

No doubt a way for her to criticize the network’s new paid account verification policy decided by Elon Musk and which has not ceased to cause consternation among users since the beginning of the month.

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